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It’s important to charge your equipment the night before you play so the batteries last throughout your games!

1. Charging Your Camera Battery Pack

  1. Make sure your camera USB cables are unplugged from the battery pack.
  2. Plug the small end of the black USB cable provided to you into the side of the battery pack.
  3. Plug the larger end of the black USB cable into a wall USB outlet.

How do I know it is charging?
The little blue dots on the top or side of the battery pack should light up.

Important note!
Your cameras should not be on during charging. Cameras that are on will record unwanted video. Make sure you do not see any lights on your cameras. If you do, stop the upload, swap the ports into which the cameras are plugged and restart your upload.

2. Charging Your Tracers

  1. Place sensors on the case. Make sure that they are all connected.
  2. Plug your power adapter into a nearby outlet. Then plug the other end into your case. As soon as you plug it in, the sensors will go through a light cycle as they turn on.

How do I know they are charging?
The Tracers will either be solid or flashing green.

How can I tell how much battery is left on the Tracer?
Solid Green Light = Fully Charged*
Flashing Green Light = Needs to charge

*Once Tracers are solid green and your upload completes, please unplug your case. By the time your video is finished uploading, your Tracers should be fully charged. We do not recommend leaving your case plugged in for more than 4 hours. Tracers left charging for extended periods of time will degrade and eventually stop working.