Start Tracing

This is my TraceCam.  Switch

1. Turn your Tracers ON

Press the ON button on the bottom right hand side of the case. Wait until all Tracers finish starting up and are blinking red.

It will take about 10 seconds for the Tracers to blink red.

2. Scan your Trace Case ID

Use your phone’s built-in camera to scan the barcode ID on your Trace case.

3. Hand out Tracers

Your app will show every Tracer number assigned to every player you entered into the roster.

The Tracers are programmed to auto-shutdown after 180 minutes. If your game could go into extra time or penalties, please distribute the Tracers no more than 15-20 minutes prior to kick-off.

4. Wearing your Tracer

Have each player check that their Tracer is blinking red. Insert the Tracer into the provided strap and wrap the strap around the calf of the players’ dominant (kicking) leg.

(If your team has players that are younger than 12, we recommend you follow these steps for distributing your Tracers.)

See how to wear with the Trace strap
See how to wear with pre-wrap

5. Set up the tripod at mid field

Set up the tripod 4-5 steps from the midfield line. Secure the tripod with all three sandbags. Each sandbag holds ~10lbs of sand.

See how to open the tripod

6. Plug both USB cables into the camera battery pack

After plugging in both USB cables wait until you can see REC showing on both camera screens.

It will take about 10 seconds for the cameras to turn on

7. Sound sync

Hold your phone 6-12 inches from the camera and wait for the sound sync to play. We use this sound to time synchronize your video to millisecond accurate GPS time.

8. Raise & aim the tripod

Raise the tripod all the way and aim it towards the centerline. Align the flat back of the camera housing to be parallel to the sideline.

Congrats. you’ve started to Trace, and now your match is in play.

What happens next?
Leave the camera in its place for the duration of the match. Come back when the match is over to Stop Tracing.