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Traveling With Trace

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Is this your first time Tracing? If yes, we recommend the getting started guide.

Can I upload video from my hotel?

No. The Trace Case is unable to connect to hotel networks because of their security settings. We recommend waiting until you are home to upload.

How many games can I Trace before uploading?

6 games total. Your Tracers & Camera have space for 3 games, and you can also back-up an additional 3 games onto your Trace Case internal storage before uploading.

A typical weekend travel scenario:

Day 1 TournamentTrace 2 games
HotelBack up to internal storage
Day 2TournamentTrace 2 games
HotelBack up your games to internal storage
Day 3TournamentTrace 1 game
Day 4HomeUpload all games

How do I back-up to internal storage?

The Trace case has internal storage to back-up video & data safely before uploading. When there is no network available you can still use this back-up feature.

  1. Plug the Trace case and battery into a power outlet.
  2. Plug the camera USB cables into the Trace case.
  3. Push the upload button.
  4. During this process, you will see the lights in the top left corner blinking green.
  5. When the data transfer is finished, the data icon will stop blinking.
  6. Once complete, the case will shut down automatically. (The Tracers will still be charging, and show either blinking or solid green.)

All the video and data is now safe on your Trace case, and the equipment is ready to record again.

Upload when you return home.

When you get back to your home network it is time to upload. Remember that you have games stored on the case internal memory as well as in your Tracers and Trace cam so you will need to upload in two separate sessions.

Upload the backed-up video & data from internal storage first

  1. Plug your Trace Case into external power and press the Upload button.
  2. Do not connect your Trace Cam (we will do this later)
  3. Allow a few hours for the upload to complete.

Next, upload the footage from your Trace Cam

  1. Connect your Trace Cam USB cables to the Trace Case
  2. Plug your Trace Case into external power and press the Upload button.
  3. Allow a few hours for the upload to complete.

What about inclement weather?

If you are experiencing extreme weather at your event, please review these weather recommendations.

Where do I go for help?

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