What’s New?

Welcome to the change-log!

Trace is on a mission to make video easier. We release early and often! With your help we are relentlessly learning, improving, and updating what we do in order to give you the best experience possible.

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Coming Soon:

  • Big Trace iD updates:
    • Save moments to multiple playlists.
    • Keep playlists private or share publicly.
    • Upload your own video.
  • Multi-cam alpha

⚽ PK panning detector – September 7

We’ve updated PK detection! TRACE_BOT will now keep the camera focused on your PK. You can find PK moments in your personal playlist or in the Defensive / Offensive Third playlists, depending on which side of the field it was.

While TRACE_BOT will currently not detect if a PK was a goal you can always manually tag successful PKs as goals using the tag editor.



📋 Roster update – August 24

We fixed an issue where players popped back into the roster after being removed by a manager. When you remove a player from a Tracer assignment in the roster, and don’t replace them with another player, the Tracer will stay unassigned.

⚽ Ball detection update – August 19

We just released an update to our ball detector! We gave TRACE_BOT more context, improved goal detection, panning, and zooming. You should see improved goal detection for any new games starting today.

🎛️ Video controls update – August 6

Introducing new video player functionality! Find it all under the gear icon:

⏱️ Speed controls: watch in slow motion, 1.5 or double speed with easy to toggle controls.

🔇 Mute on/off: all games are muted by default. Toggle the mute control to turn the sound on.

🔁 Moment looping: watch one moment over and over or automatically move to the next moment in the playlist

🔎 Zoom: magnify the action when you toggle on zoom view.

📡 Uploading update – July 26

We released a case software update today, to solve for occasional issues where network connectivity drops off at the time you start your backups or uploads.

⚽ Ball detection update – July 20

We’re currently in the middle of some big upgrades to our player and ball detectors! We’re starting today with a ball detector update that increases the accuracy of how TRACE_BOT follows your ball.

🥵 💨 Weather advisories in Trace Teams app – July 16

We want to make equipment managers’ lives easier: your Trace Teams app will now alert you when there is extreme heat or gusty winds in your area so you can take action. (And remember: always use sandbags or stakes with your tripod to avoid video disruptions!)

Have you been wondering why it’s been a little quiet around here? Wonder no more! Today, we’re releasing TRACE_BOT’s pro-quality Capture Engine, user-friendly TraceCam 2, and TRACE_BOT’s breakthrough Player Vision. Combined, they deliver smooth panning, sharper video, stable picture in windy conditions, and advanced moment personalization. Plus TraceCam 2 comes with live preview, status feedback, and lots of features that make it super easy to use. This release is packed to the gills, so head here to learn more.

🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏾🏃🏻‍♂️Player tracking update – May 17

Our incredible math team has released a new player tracking update! What does this mean to you now? Starting with your next game, you’ll see more accurate moment detection. But that’s not all! This release lays the groundwork for some super exciting updates we’ll release later this year.

🥅 Goal detection update – May 13

We’ve improved TRACE_BOTs goal detection accuracy in some unique circumstances.

🤖 Game processing updates – May 5

  • 🥅 Improved goal moment selection.
  • 🪡 Improved stitching of cameras when one camera is out of alignment. Sometimes cameras can get displaced inside the camera housing, and this update helps adjust for that.

🎁 Refer a friend. Earn $100. – May 4

You asked us to make it easier for you to tell people about Trace. We’ve added a referral link to your game results, so you can tap it, enter their email, and we’ll take care of the rest! Best of all, when the team you referred starts a new subscription, you get a $100 Amazon gift card!

You’ll find the referral link in your games grid, and in the menu. Start referring.

⚙️ Processing Speed Update – April 22

We’re adding more teams and more games every week! We’ve increased processing capacity to accommodate more games while maintaining or improving current processing times. More games. More results. Faster.

🎯 Direct Sharing to Facebook and Twitter – April 16

At Trace, our goal is to get your moments to you as fast as possible and to make it easy for you to share them instantly. You can now share any Trace moment directly to Facebook and Twitter with one click. While watching a moment, click your share icon to direct share, send a moment link in an email, or download your moment.

👀 Discover more of your team’s moments! – April 9

We are excited to release a new moment discovery tool! TRACE_BOT will now surface memorable moments from your team at the top of your your games grid. Look back at that goal you scored, a great defensive moment, or that exciting progression.

Today’s release includes the following moment types, with more to come in the future:

  • Awesome goal! 🥅
  • Nice progression! 👏🏽
  • Fantastic teamwork on this touch chain! ⚽
  • Recent touch ⚽
  • Coaching moment ✍🏽
  • Most viewed moment 👀
  • {Player Name} updated their Trace iD 📱
  • {Player Name}’s most viewed moment 👀

To see more moments you can either refresh your games grid page, or click the next button when you are looking at the large moment preview.

What kinds of moments would you like to see? Let us know at q@traceup.com

📲 Trace Teams App update – April 6

We released some updates to our equipment management app, Trace Teams:

  • Access update: since this app is for coaches and equipment managers only, you now have to be assigned to your team as a coach, manager, or videographer in order to use the app.
  • Updated the QR code case scanner interface
  • Fixed bug in 20-minute half setup.
  • Updated checkbox for games that go into OT or PK.

March 28 – On demand leaderboards embeds 🏆🖥️

Club leaderboards embeds are now available!

Easily add auto-updating club leaderboards powered by Trace to your website, like this one on the RADfc home page. Leaderboard embeds include: most viewed goals, top speed, most distance covered, max efforts, and more. Leaderboards auto-update as you play more games, creating dynamic content for your website. Leaderboards help increase engagement and motivate players to improve.

Contact us for details.

March 27 – Leaderboards direct sharing 🏆

You can now share Leaderboards and Leaderboard moments directly to Facebook and Twitter! When you tap the Share button, you’ll find options for Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your moments with your followers even faster!

March 19 – Radar update 🎯

We’ve updated player identification in Radar with your avatars and color coding.

You (or current player)
Other players in this touch chain
No player assigned to this tracer

March 18 – New playlist: Defensive Breakdowns ⚽

What do you get when you combine the best AI in youth soccer with input from D1 Coaches? More actionable content you can use for player development. Introducing Trace’s newest automatic moments, the Defensive Breakdowns Playlist: when the opposing team advances the ball past 2 or more of your team’s players via pass or dribble.

Defensive efficiency is an important part of player and team development. Using Trace’s new Defensive Breakdowns playlist will allow for better awareness and correction of these instances, leading to improved overall performance on the field.

Defensive Breakdowns adds to an impressive collection of tactical team moments that our players and coaches engage with to accelerate their development. TRACE_BOT will automatically edit and personalize Defensive Breakdowns for games using the full Trace system. (The playlist, minus personalization, will also be available for sensorless games.)

March 5 – Computer Vision Moments and Playlists 👓

Introducing CV (computer vision) moments for sensorless games. Starting today, Trace will automatically create moments and playlists for games where a team doesn’t wear Tracers. While we highly encourage our teams to wear Tracers for the best results, we understand there are scenarios that prevent players from wearing them. So, we’ll be able to cut the important moments of a game automatically using CV, without Tracers! We’re thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking technology to youth soccer, and have exciting plans in the works to build on this release as early as later this month.

How did we do this? We used more than 300,000 gameplays (sensor data for a single player during a game) or 28,000,000 hours of game data to train TRACE_BOT. We learned from our Tracers when a progression or defensive breakdown happens, and we taught a computer to see the same things in video that we could see in sensor data. In short, we used sensor data to train a computer to watch the game of soccer.

While TRACE_BOT has learned a lot, it can’t identify players, or give you personalized stats and playlists from sensorless games. Your team should continue to wear your Tracers whenever possible for the full Trace experience.

Here are the new types of CV moments and playlists:

  • Progressions: when a team advances the ball past 2 or more defenders via pass or dribble
  • Defensive Breakdowns: when the opposing team advances the ball past 2 or more of my team’s defenders via pass or dribble.
  • Box: action around the penalty or the opponents area. (These moments will be placed in the appropriate thirds playlist.)
  • Goal: both your team and the opponents goals
  • Thirds playlists: Defensive Third, Middle Third, and Offensive Third

If you receive CV results from a sensorless game, they will not be tagged with any players. You can use the tag editor to add yourself or your teammates to a CV moment. (Anyone on the team can tag players in moments.) All CV moments can be added to Trace iD.

March 4 – player tracking updates 🥅 🏃‍♀️

Our latest processing update improves tracking when players from both teams follow each other closely — which happens all the time in soccer! It also changes how we handle jersey color information, so now a track is better associated with a team. This means better goal detection and panning.

March 3 – Processing update: color recognition 🌈

Updated team jersey color recognition. What does this mean to you? Smoother goal and moment detection. This update also helps with an exciting upcoming release coming in the next week!

March 2 – Leaderboards Update: processing time 📋

Updated leaderboards so changes will load faster whenever someone shares or watches your moments.

February 23 – Video stitching update 🎥

Updated stitching application with more accurate time synchronization. Sound like mumbo jumbo? We thought so too, but our engineers tell us this will make videos smoother and players won’t disappear at random moments in a small set of situations.

February 23 – Leaderboards update: sensorless games 🏆

Did you know you can use the moment creator to create moments from sensorless games? Starting today, sensorless moments can also be found in leaderboards, provided you’ve tagged them with both your name and a tactical tag. You can edit tags on existing moments following the steps here.

February 22 – Game Results Load Faster ☄️

We’re constantly optimizing your game results to deliver you the content you care about as fast as possible. Your game results will now load even faster than before.

February 9 – Coach Email Updates 📋

We’ve updated coach email links to go to directly the playlist selection menu, so you can get to the content you care about, faster.

February 8 – New Playlist Added: Progressions ↔️

Introducing the progressions playlist! TRACE_BOT will now tag player progressions automatically. A progression is detected when a player has advanced the ball past 2 or more defenders, either with a pass or dribble. You can find definitions of all automatic moments here.

February 5 – Sensorless Game Video ❓

The Tracers players wear allow TRACE_BOT to personalize your game results. Sometimes you’ll receive a game without Tracer data. (Here’s why this happens.) We’ve improved Tracer-less game results:

Now, your sensorless results tell you if your Tracer data is missing or if your entire team did not have Tracer data. You’ll now receive sensorless games in your game results, where you can use the updating, editing, and sharing features. Use the moment creator to save moments from sensorless games, tag yourself and add tactical tags: TRACE_BOT will add them to tactical playlists. Add sensorless moments to Trace iD or share them on social media. 

February 3 – Leaderboards update: multiple players 👩‍👩‍👧

Leaderboards now support moments with multiple players!

If a moment has multiple players tagged in it, all of those players names will show up as part of that moment on the leaderboard. 

February 2 – Creating moments ⏱️

TRACE_BOT makes your life easier by automatically editing your game results. Automatic results are fast, but they aren’t always perfect. If you find a moment is missing, you can now create it using the Trace Moment Creator.

Create your own moments from full game footage. Edit moment length, add players and tags. Easily share moments to social media, or add them to your Trace iD. Any moments you create will be included in your team’s tactical playlists.

Learn how to create moments here.

February 2 – Updating Tags 🏷️

TRACE_BOT continues to learn from your games. Occasionally, TRACE_BOT will tag a moment incorrectly. You can now update the tags on any moment: add or remove players, change location, and edit the description of the moment. Editing the tags affects all your team’s tactical playlists.

Learn how to edit tags here.

February 1 – Clickable avatars 👱‍♀️

Want to see player detail while watching a moment? Player avatars are now clickable: in any moment, click on the player’s avatar to open a their game stats. Want to know more? At the top of the menu below their name you’ll find a link to their Trace iD.

January 29 – Menu enhancements 📋

We want to make your Trace experience easy to navigate. To that end, we’ve updated the menu to make it consistent across all parts of your game results. You’ll now be able top find all of the following at the hamburger navigation in the top left:

  • Team info
  • Player info
  • Leaderboards
  • Help page
  • Academy articles page

January 20th – Introducing: Leaderboards 🏆

Trace is the only platform that offers automated moments, player identification, auto tagging, and player performance metrics. We’ve combined all these to create a national real-time leaderboard that aggregates player data across all Traced games platform-wide. 

Leaderboards give players the ability to compare their moment views or stats with their peers. Fans can binge-watch the best goals in their area. Recruiters can scour the country for undiscovered talent.

You can filter leaderboards by date, region, state, age group, and gender. This release includes the following boards: 

  • Most viewed Players
  • Most Viewed Moments
  • Most Viewed Goals
  • Top Speed
  • Most Distance Covered
  • Max Efforts
  • Trending Players
  • Trending Moments

This is a powerful tool for player identification: each moment includes an explore tool that lets you view the moment inside a full game, connect to the player’s Trace iD, or view all of the team’s games.

January 19 – Updated Processing: Touches & Stats 🏃‍♀️

TRACE_BOT is continuing to learn and improve how we process match results. We’ve released an update to game processing that improves automated touches and player stats. Trace-BOT learns through your feedback: if you see any missed touches or incorrect stats, please emails us at q@traceup.com

January 15th – Now Available: Latest Goals Embeds ⚽

Trace can provide you with an embed of your teams’ latest goals for your website. Check out how NEFC features their Trace video on the homepage of their website, and how St. Croix includes it on their team news page. This service is included with your Trace subscription. Learn more about the benefits of this auto-updating video feed here.

January 7th, 2021 – Sharing Link Updates 🎞️

We know you love to share your game footage, so we’ve made it even easier to share engaging game links. Now when you copy share links to use on Facebook, Twitter, etc., the share links will generate a video preview automatically, that will show an image from your game and info about your moment. We hope this helps you get more views and engagement on your footage!

January 5th, 2021 – Updated Panning ↔️

Happy new year! We’ve updated ball detector processing to improve camera panning.

December 12, 2020 – Free (and Faster) Moment Downloads ⏬

Moment downloads on Trace are now completely free. Yes, that’s right: in addition to free full game downloads, you can now download as many of your favorite moments for free as you wish. And moments are also yours faster: no more waiting on download link emails-moments now download to your device instantly.

December 2, 2020 – Video Quality Updates 🎥

Trace is committed to getting you the best and fastest game results. Starting this week, you’ll notice significant video quality improvements. We’ve updated game processing to improve sharpness, contrast, and contours. All without sacrificing game results turnaround time.

December 1, 2020 – Goal Detection ⚽

TRACE_BOT continues to get better at analyzing your game. We’ve updated game processing with a new goal and formation detector. We know how important goal related moments are, so goal moments have been extended to catch all the pre-goal action. Goal detection accuracy has been improved to 97% of goals.

Are we still missing goals? Email support and let us know

November 25, 2020 – Ghosting Fixes 👻

TRACE_BOT stitches together footage from both cameras, and uses video and Tracer data to create one seamless field. Occasionally, camera position and tracer data issues created some ghosting in the center of the field. We’ve introduced a new algorithm that should eliminate this issue.

November 19, 2020 – Sign-in codes 🔐

To reduce headaches and increase security we’ve moved to 6-digit codes as the main way to sign-in. By moving to sign-in codes we’ve been able to increase sign-in success to almost 100% while increasing security for our customers. Here are 3 reasons why sign-in codes are the future:

  1. Security
    Passwords are responsible for most security breaches on the web. If a hacker finds your password for one site they may be able to get into your account on other sites, like your bank for example.
  2. Compatibility
    To combat phishing many email apps have begun to wrap links in emails with extra security that break magic login link. No bueno.
  3. Ease-of-use
    Codes make it easier to sign-in when you are trying to access Trace on Device A, but the magic email arrives on Device B.

November 18, 2020 – Goals Playlist ⚽️

Goals playlists are live.

Now it is easier than ever to review all the goals from you game, from both teams.

Did we miss something?
Contact support to let us know.

November 17, 2020 – Sound off 🔇

By popular demand we’ve made game results video set to mute by default. We’ve also streamlined the video controls a little bit.

October 30, 2020 – Enhanced moments ⚽️

Trace is getting better at analyzing your moments. Starting today TRACE_BOT will detect progressions and will display those as a tag on your moments. A progression is detected when a player has advanced the ball past 2 or more defenders, either with a pass or dribble.

Learn more about Enhanced Moments.

October 28, 2020 – Tags & Avatars 🏷

TRACE_BOT is getting better at analyzing your game. To support all of these improvements we’ve upgraded how moments are displayed in your game results.

The text descriptions of each moment have been replaced with player avatars & Tags. Everything that TRACE_BOT detects will be displayed as a tag. For example goals, field position, touch chains, action around the box, etc.

Finally, you will also notice some visual changes. Player names have been replaced with avatars. When you upload an image to your Trace iD it will show up here. The animated progress bar background will indicate where the moment is in time.

Learn more about Tags.

October 6, 2020 – General improvements ✨

General Updates
1. Significant improvements to our ball detector and tracker. This should affect a lot of downstream systems like panning, spotlight, offensive and defensive moments, etc.
2. MTBF has doubled on our player tracker! Should help the same downstream systems as above.

Bug fixes
· Some games were incorrectly processed as sensorless. Fixed
· Fix for adding rosters and billing

October 5, 2020 – Add more teams 💪

You can now add more teams to your Trace account on your own! Go to Settings > Teams and you can easily create all of the teams you have paid for. Do you want to get more teams in your club using Trace quickly? Now you can easily add more teams to your plan all on the Teams page as well!

October 4, 2020 – Videographer kudos 👏 

When players receive their first-ever game results, they’ll now have an option to send a quick THANK YOU to their hardworking videographer. The game film we produce wouldn’t be possible without the parents and coaches that manage the Trace equipment. So if you’re a videographer, keep up the great work and look out for your first kudos!

September 30, 2020 – Goal post panning 🎯 

When panning around the goal posts, we make sure that the goalposts are always visible. This makes sure that we get all player movement no matter where the ball is.

September 23, 2020 – Horizon leveling 🌅

Before, if you pointed your camera somewhere off center field, then you’d see a very tilted field.

No more! TRACE_BOT will now stabilize the image to make sure your horizon is level so that you don’t have to tilt your head while watching your game results!

September 4, 2020 – Simplified Rosters 👨‍👩‍👦 

Do you want to remove a player from a Tracer entirely? Do you want to move her to another Tracer? Maybe you want to swap two players.

Just tap on any player and the options are easy to find.

August 20, 2020 – Panning adjustments 📹 

We went a little bit too far in our latest panning adjustments in trying to optimize for keeping the ball and max number of players on the field. This resulted in what we called “crazy eyes” panning where the camera would move large distances back to back. No more crazy eyes panning. There should be more still moments, and movements will try to be gradual when they can be (ball is moving slowly). You can see this really well at kickoff.

Aug 14, 2020 – More Goals (detected) 📈

On your offensive and defensive playlists, you may have noticed a little TRACE-BOT with the word beta next to it. That means we’ve detected a goal, and that moment has a goal in it.

Sometimes you watch a goal moment, but there’s no goal! You’ll now see a goal 98% of the time (it was 81% before) when you see the TRACE-BOT icon.

August 9, 2020 – Search for clubs, leagues, tournaments

We now give teams, clubs, tournaments, and leagues any easy way to showcase all their content. It’s easy to drill down by team or player. All the moments you’re looking for are just a click away.

Top Section: Highlight all your games on a map. Recent games will pulse so that everyone knows where the action is happening.

Latest goals: as new games are uploaded, you’ll be able to see the latest goals, played at 2x speed for fast browsing.

Search: find any team and quickly jump to their games or players.

This is a new experiment for us. If you’d like for us to enable this for your club, league, or tournament, please email updates@traceup.com.

July 21, 2020 – Trace iD out of private beta 🧨

Trace iD is now open to everyone with an Elite Subscription.

Trace iD is the easiest way to showcase yourself as a player.

Trace iD is the best way to discover a player whether you’re a college coach, grandma, or a friend.

Get started by tapping on the ⭐ in your Game Results.

July 14, 2020 – New foundation 🏗️

We’ve rewritten our player detector and ball detector from scratch and laid a foundation for meaningful improvements in the months to come. For now, what you’ll see is faster game results after upload. Our average time over the past weekend dropped by 2 hours which is more than 30%. Over the next year, this will help with Enhanced Moments, better spotlights, and more!

June 23, 2020 – Faster video loading 👟👟

At Trace we believe that speed is a core feature. This is why we have the fastest game turnaround times in the industry – and now, the fastest video loading times.

We’ve made improvements and optimizations to the way we load your video results. You will notice videos loading much faster and in higher quality than before.

June 19, 2020 – More flexible sharing 🤗

Share your moments the same way you share anything else.

With native sharing you have access to the flexible sharing dialog you are used to on your mobile device.

June 12, 2020 – How can we help? 🙋

We’re here to help you get the most out of your Trace experience. Today we’ve relaunched the Help page and updated all of our articles.

June 11, 2020 – In-app Tracing Wizards 📋

We’ve completely revamped the Tracing wizards in the iOS app to make Starting and Stopping your game easier to learn and follow along.

No more typing Case IDs – now you can use your camera to scan your Trace Case barcode instantly.

Informative animations – see exactly what to do and when to do it.

Built-in FAQs to answer any question you may have along the way.

Happy Tracing!

June 2, 2020 – Tracer-less Video 📼 ✅

It happens rarely, but there are times when your Tracers aren’t charged, you forgot them at home, or they’ve run out of battery.

No problem, you will now receive video of the match without personalized moments. An alert will be at the top of each email notifying your team, and on the video page will be an explanation into what might have happened so that you don’t have to play telephone with players and parents explaining the situation.

May 23, 2020 – Goalkeeper Moments ⚽🕸️

Personalized Goalie moments are now here! Goalies were sometimes second-class citizens with Trace (sorry), but those days are gone! We’ll automatically detect the goalie, put goalie moments in their personalized playlist, and send them a separate email. Check out this side-by-side comparison of goalie moments before and after this update. Moments should now include most saves, goals, and tense moments inside the box. Enjoy!

Examples of goalie moments

May 9, 2020 – Showcase yourself or your team with Trace iD 🏆

Tags, matches, radar, stats, and more give you context when looking at moments on Trace iD

Trace iD is here!
Feedback from players, coaches and parents has been overwhelming, so we are pulling back the curtain on Trace iD.

Showcase yourself, or your team
Trace iD is a seamless way to showcase your best moments without any editing. You can keep adding or changing moments as you Trace new games, even after you’ve already shared your iD.

Discover Athletes
Trace iD makes viewing moments frictionless with cleverly organized tags that describe what each moment is about. The matches list links you directly to the games each moment came from, while performance stats give you a deeper perspective into every athlete.

Why did we create Trace iD?
Because life doesn’t have to be so hard. We talked to dozens of coaches, parents, and players who took us through their process for collecting content. Pay lots of $$$ -> Download raw game footage -> go into another app to manually find and edit clips -> go into another app to create a playlist and add drawings. Hours and hours later, you have something subpar.

Add moments to your Trace iD with a couple taps and go back to watching your moments playlist.

Free with every Elite subscription.
With Trace iD, you just add moments as you play your games, and everything updates for you automatically. And it’s included for free with every elite subscription.

When we’d talk to coaches about the video they received, they loved seeing clips, but they’d always ask the same questions: Was this goal in the clip from a game won 9-0 or 1-0? When is this clip from? Can I see the full game this clip came from? Trace gives that context automatically without any additional effort. See who the opponent, score, and time, of the game automatically. Jump to that moment in the full game with a click. See other players

How do I get started with Trace iD?
Just log in to your Trace results and click on the ⭐ in the video controls menu. Enter your email address and you’ll be added to the waitlist. (If you really, really, really want in send us an email to updates@TraceUp.com and ask for immediate access.)

May 1 – Trace Case updates 🚥💼🚥

Lots of updates to your Trace Case:

  1. Startup and shutdown sequence. Lights will now show you the Tracers starting up and shutting down. This will help you know when it’s safe to take your Tracers out of the case, and when it’s safe to close up shop.
  2. A lot less stalling – we’ve made a lot of improvements under the hood to make uploading more reliable and slightly faster.
  3. Lots of smaller bug fixes.

To get the latest software on your Tracers and case, just press down on the “Transfer” button and let your case do its thing. After it’s shut itself off completely, simply take out the power cord, count until 10, and plug the power cord back in. You should be all set.

New startup and shutdown sequence for the Trace Case.

April 20 – Fixes to Tracer orientation 🏃

We’ve made a change to some backend software that should make stats like stamina and distance covered more accurate. In some edge cases, it should also increase both the quality and quantity of moments in a player’s playlist.

Basically, we do a better job of calibrating a Tracer in the rare case that it moves its orientation considerably during the course of a game.

March 25, 2020 – So many iOS Updates!!! 📲

Lot’s of new updates on the Trace Teams app!

Delete a Game 😬
Many customers have asked to delete games that they created on accident or created and never played. Now you have the ability to delete the game from the app. To delete the game you need Coach or Manager permissions. You will not be able to delete the game after it has been processed.

Note: Please be careful in deleting a game. If you delete a game by accident please reach out to our support team.

Trace Case Setup FAQs 🙋‍♂️
After clicking “Set Up trace Case” you will now have the ability to access our Trace Case Set Up FAQs. You will be able to use these to help answer your questions on setting up your case. These will be updated regularly to provide the most up to date information on common questions asked.

Processing FAQs
Now if your game is taking longer than usual a message will pop up on the game processing page letting you know that we are working on finishing process. We also provide you with some FAQs for additional questions you may have. You can check them out here!

Bug Fix: Removing a Parent wasn’t working
The ability to remove a parent from a player was not saving on the roster. We fixed this issue and you should be able to remove a parent from a player.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is giphy.gif

Mar 13, 2020 – Better Panning & Zooming 🤖

Today we released a major improvement to TRACE-BOT’s ability to follow the action on the field. In December we switched from Tracer-based panning to CV-only (video-based) panning. Today we have added ball detection to the mix.

What does this mean to you?

It means more natural automatic camera movements that keep the ball on the screen more often.

Example 1:
Following fast kicks down and across the field.

Example 2:
Following a sharp angled throw in

Feb 20, 2020 – Uploading FAQs 🙋

We’re here to help you out! You can now see common uploading questions at a glance. Head over to our Trace Help Center and find the Uploading FAQs page. This is your go-to for any uploading questions you have!

Feb 10, 2020 More Trace Case Software Updates! 💼

We made various improvements to cases to solve issues with cases uploading and needing to be restarted.

Jan 29, 2020 – Trace Case Software Update 📩

We made various improvements to uploading with the Trace Case software!

Next time your case connects to the internet it will update itself! During the update, your will see a message in the cases screen of the Trace Teams app!

Jan 24, 2020 – Goooooooool! (beta) ⚽

Starting today TRACE-BOT will automatically detect goals and indicate them with a small icon on every clip.

Any clip where TRACE-BOT thinks there may be a goal will be indicated with a little icon. Please leave us feedback 👍👎on your clips so we can improve accuracy while this feature is in beta.

Both home & away goals will be automatically detected.

Jan 17, 2020 – See how many games you have Traced! 🎟️

You can now see the total number of games you have Traced! Now navigate to the settings page for your division at Traceup.com and see how many games all your teams have Traced and how many are left in your subscription!

Automatic Billing
If you have played all the games in your subscription, no need to stop Tracing! You can keep going and will automatically be billed for each additional game. Prices are set based on your subscription plan!

Dec 26, 2019 – Trace Case Software Fix! 🧳

We fixed a software issue with Trace Cases where some of them were not restarting after they received a software update. Now your case should restart and come back online after it’s received an update!

Dec 20, 2019 – Delivering your presents faster

Game Turnaround Improvements

Getting results out to you faster is something we are continuously working on.

We’ve made some upgrades under the hood that should mean smoother uploads and faster game processing.

Dec 6, 2019 – One view, two views, three views! 🧮

What’s the point of filming the game if no one is going to watch it? At Trace we believe that the best film is the one you watch the most! Personalize clips are key to that; without player moments, game film does not get used.

Starting today, every newly created game will include our new clip views counter.

The counter will update in realtime:

  • Total number of clips viewed for the entire game across all playlists by all players, parents, and coaches.
  • The cumulative amount of video time watched by everyone

When players watch themselves play, they improve. On average, players on Trace watch 23 clips per session and log 2 sessions per game.

We believe that video will be a part of every game in youth soccer from age 8 to 19 in the next five years and will be an integral part of the training and development process. Our mission is to reduce friction in youth sports video so that it becomes a fabric of the sport. Making personalized short, form clips easy is the first step and we’re excited to be on this journey with you!

Short-form, personalized content has tremendous value, whereas raw game simply has little value. Comparing view counts of both shows this. A company we aquired that filmed full games had less than 10 views on average per game; at Trace, the average team watches more than 1500 clips per game, a 100x increase!

Coaches, players, and parents don’t have 4 hours after each game to edit, dissect and distribute game film. How many players on your team sit through a 90 minute game to rewatch and learn? Only a couple, if any. With Trace, it’s a different story. We take all of the effort out of filming and getting the content you care about.

Nov 28, 2019 – Thankful for iOS Updates 📱

Upload Complete!

Those sweet sweet words we all want to see. It sounds simple, but it has been a long time coming. Starting this weekend your app will tell you that your case upload is complete. After that sit back and wait for your results.

Improved Tracing Wizard

The in-app Tracing wizard has been expanded slightly to make sure the information you provide us for every game is correct. You should start seeing steps for entering your case ID, final score, and team colors as part of the Tracing wizard.

Nov 22, 2019 – Battery Upgrade 🔋

Hot off the printing press! Our latest batch of batteries come with a mini visual guide on the back to make it easier to tell which plugs are for Tracing and which are for charging.

Oct 30, 2019 – More detailed feedback 👍👎

Trace is getting better every day, thanks to you. With every game that is played TRACE-BOT is learning and improving. A big part of that is your clip feedback.

Originally we designed the feedback feature to learn about clips people didn’t like. But to our surprise the vast majority of feedback we’ve been getting is to describe clips that people do like.

Today we’ve expanded our feedback controls to allow you to describe clips more specifically.

Oct 28, 2019 – I can CV clearly now 👀

“Why do our results look so much better?”

That’s what a Legends FC parent asked us yesterday. He was wondering if we upgraded his camera, or if he did something different this time with the Tracers. The real answer is that we’ve begun rolling out Computer Vision Processing to a select number of games with more and more games being added every week.

Computer Vision, aka CV, represents the most significant upgrade to Trace game processing since we launched. This is a massive update and foundational to the future of Trace and your experience. CV opens up the door to many more major upgrades in the near future like automatic goal detection, defensive moment improvement, game results that are ready the moment your upload is done, and much more.

If you’d like for your team to start getting this update immediately, please email us at cv@TraceUp.com.

The old way – Tracers Processing

Your team wears Tracers. Those Tracers are important for detecting touches and movement that feeds into our automatic clip A.I. But, up until now, we’ve also been using your players’ position to follow the action on the field. The problem with that is that TRACE-BOT could only detect your team. As the ball was possessed by your opponent TRACE-BOT could only guess what was going on. The result has been sub-par panning and zooming. 

TRACE-BOT was feeling, not seeing.

The new way – CV Processing

With Computer Vision TRACE-BOT can now see every player on the field, the spectators watching the game, the ref, and the ball. 100% of the action is used for training and deciding where to pan & zoom the camera. The result is that the video TRACE-BOT generates looks more natural and follows the ebbs and flows of the game.

Seeing what is happening during the game, instead of feeling, opens up the door to so much more in the near future. Goal detection, faster game results, enhanced defensive moments, and so much more will be possible with this massive upgrade to how we process games.

We’ve been working on this for nine months, and we’re stoked for you all to finally experience this!

Oct 25, 2019 – Minor Uploading Fixes 🧳

We made fixes to your Trace Case software for when it is uploading, stops and needs to be restarted. The fix addresses this issue so you don’t have to restart!

Next time you turn it on, your case will update itself. During the update, there is a message in your Trace Teams app letting you know it is happening!

Oct 18, 2019 – Jump Around 🦘

Jump to full game is here!

If you want to see what happens before or after a clip:

  • Tap the Share icon
  • Tap the “Jump to full game” link
  • Bam! You are now at the same point in time, but in the full game video

P.S. Copy URL, Email, and Download will continue to work as you know and love.

Updated Demo Video Page

Do you know someone who would love Trace? Send them to our new video demo page so Dan Fadida can explain what Trace is all about.

The new demo video now has chapters, because demo videos needs easy clips too.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • We added support for various mobile mail apps (e.g. yahoo) that will make logging in work better.
  • More Trace Case upload stability.
  • The feedback button has been moved into the controls bar

Oct 11, 2019 – Uploading Improvements 💼 😌

Uploading is now way more stable. We fixed a series of issues that were plaguing customers with slow or unstable upload connections. Now, even if your upload speed slows down significantly because of network congestions your Trace Case will continue to chug along happily until the upload completes.

If your upload speed is below 1mbps (0.125 MB/s) then you will still experience issues. Even if your case works perfectly at that speed a single game can take over 24 hours to upload. Please refer to the Slow Upload Speed Guide to find out how you can boost your speeds.

Other Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug with Magic Login links in Yahoo Mail on iOS
  • Fixed a bug with creating teams
  • Improved login and link stability

Oct 4, 2019 – Tactical Playlists & Goalkeeper Defensive Moments 📍

3 New Tactical Playlists
You can now access 3 new playlists dedicated to moments in the Offensive, Middle, and Defensive thirds.

Goalkeeper Defensive Moments
We’ve also added clips in the defensive third to every Goalkeeper’s personal playlist so you can analyze your positioning off the ball. These clips can be identified with the tag (GK: defensive 3rd)

Sept 20, 2019 – New Support Center 💡

We relaunched the Trace Support Center with quicker access help content for the most common issues we’ve been seeing. You can also find our official help contact form there.

Check it out – http://traceup.com/soccer/help

Also some bug fixes 🐛
We fixed a major bug preventing people from logging in via Safari on iOS.

Sept 13, 2019 – Where’ My Update? 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♂️

Trace Teams App
Sometimes your case has new features or fixes added to it. When this happens we automatically update your case when it’s connected to the internet! Usually the case updates during an upload (don’t worry your upload is safe 👍) We thought it would be good to let you know this was happening. Now your Trace Teams app will let you know!

Connecting case to Wifi
We made significant improvements to connecting your case to wifi.

We made fixes to Rosters to improve the experience in inputting players on a team.

Sept 6, 2019 – Squashing Bugs 🐛

Fixes & Improvements

Pan & Zoom AI 1.4
We got some great feedback from customers last week and we incorporated it into this update. Lets us know what you think.

Email and Login Links
The internet is getting safer – but with it some new ways that browsers handle links. We’ve adapted and all new links should work now.

Lots of improvements under the hood that should mean faster and more reliable uploads.

Aug 30, 2019 – We’ve been laboriously laboring in the laboratory over tutorials, playlists, panning, and more. 👷


In-app Tracing Tutorial
Ready to start your game? The new in-app Tracing tutorial walks you through every step of the process.

Rain Delay Button
Tap the “Rain Delay or Stoppage” button at the bottom of the Tracing screen and we’ll walk you through everything.

Playlist Selector
Now you can easily switch between your playlist, other player playlists, touch chains, coach notes, and the full game.

Fixes & Improvements

Pan & Zoom AI 1.3
We’re getting better every day. With this version, we’re trying to keep the ball visible more as it transitions from one side of the field to the other. Plays near the goals should be zoomed in more while plays at midfield will have a more tactical view.

Please, keep using that “feedback” button to let us know when clips look good or bad.


  • Fixed some bug related to coach/manager invitations
  • Added more robust messaging for unsupported browsers
  • A few other enhancements under the hood

Aug 14, 2019 – Improved Video Viewing 🍿


16×9 Video
We used to crop it to fill the screen. Now we don’t anymore so you can see everything.

Deep link sharing to the full-game video
Go to a point in time in the full-game video and share – the link generated will jump to that exact place.

Radar players are clickable
Launch player panels from the radar

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile Landscape View works better and you can pinch/zoom to look closer
  • Various speed and loading improvements

Aug 6, 2019 – Smarter (and longer) player clips 💨


Small update on the inside, hopefully, a big update on the outside! You’ll often be watching a touch chain or a player moment, and you feel it ends too soon. Not any more! TRACE-BOT’s clip generating engine has gotten an upgrade, and if anything, clips should be too long, not too short. Please drop us a line at q@traceup.com and let us know if you still see one ending too early!

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that was causing login issues for a small number of users on Android.

Aug 2, 2019 – Know what stage your upload is in 🧐


If you’re the one Tracing a game, you probably have questions: are all the video files on the camera? did the Tracers record? How much longer will my upload take? Did everything upload correctly? How much longer will processing take?

  • What’s on the Tracers, what’s on the cameras – When you turn on the transfer button on your case, the Case Tab in your Trace Teams app will now give you information like how many hours of video are on each camera, how much data is on the Tracers, etc. This should give you a more complete picture of how the recording aspect of your game went.
  • Game Processing Information – Under the videos tab, once all of your data and video has been uploaded, you’ll also get information on where your game is in processing so that you’ll know how long you’ll need to wait.

Bug Fixes

We had a number of broad-based improvements to the app in this release

  • Added in the option to add team score, jersey colors, and Case ID at the end of the game
  • Fixed an issue with roster updating

Aug 1, 2019 – Tracers come with auto shut off 💤


We’ve seen issues with Tracers accidentally being left on after games and running out of battery or recording data longer than expected. We want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your Tracers.

Auto Shut Off – When a game has ended, if you forget to turn off your Tracers we have you covered! After 3 hours, your Tracers will auto shut off. We still advise turning them off with your Case, but just in CASE, they will shut off!

Bug Fixes

July 23, 2019 – Trace an event with more than 3 games 💼


We’ve heard from many of you that you need Trace to work for more than three games on tournament weekend. So we made it work for 5 games! You’re very welcome.

  • Storage on the case – After you’ve played your two games on Saturday, come back to your hotel room and plug your cameras into your Trace case. Turn on the Transfer button. Your Trace Case will now move all of the data on your Tracers and camera onto the case, making room for a fresh set of 3 games the next day. This should allow you to complete up to 5 games in a weekend.
  • Upload the next time the case is on WiFi – When you come back home, and plug your case in, turn on the Transfer button. Now that you have WiFi, all the games stored on the case, and all the games currently on the Tracers + camera should upload together.

Bug Fixes

We had a number of broad-based improvements to the app in this release

  • Added in the option to add team score, jersey colors, and Case ID at the end of the game
  • Fixed an issue with roster updating

July 11, 2019 – Better panning on uneven fields 🔭


Some of the fields you play on have drainage ditches or are uneven. In these cases, our film hasn’t been very good quality because the cameras are not set up on a part of the field that is even with the pitch. It should be much better now.

After – a more reasonable view!

Before – stuck pointed at the ground

Bug Fixes

We had a number of broad-based improvements to the app in this release. Here are a few:

  • Fixed an issue with permission for division managers to create teams and rosters.
  • Fixed an issue with login that was directing users to a blank page.

June 21, 2019 – Flexible panning 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Before this update, TraceCam could only focus on 10 points of the field, and transition between those points with a set speed. Not anymore! TraceCam can focus on any point on the field, and transition between those points with an array of speeds! Vrooom!

After – moving all around the field

Before – stuck in one view

Bug Fixes

We had a number of broad-based improvements to the app in this release but here are a few:

  • You can now see how many games you’ve used in your subscription
  • In panning, there could be moments where the camera panned across the field for no reason. Not any more!

June 15, 2019 – Easy to see REC on cameras 🎥


Wondering whether or not your cameras are recording can be really stressful. And seeing the text in the sun can be closer to impossible.
To make the screen easier to see, the letters REC will now be permanently affixed on a black background. If you see REC, you’re good to go and can raise up your tripod.

Bug Fixes

We had a number of broad-based improvements to the app in this release but here are a few:

  • You can now see how many games you’ve used in your subscription
  • In panning, there could be moments where the camera panned across the field for no reason. Not any more!