Simple, transparent pricing for USCC 2020

With everything included, choose the subscription that’s right for your team.

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$1,650 / year

  • 10 games
  • 1 Trace Case
  • 20 Tracers
  • 1 TraceCam
  • 1 Tripod
  • TraceApp

Billed yearly


$3,000 / year

  • 30 games
  • 1 Trace Case
  • 20 Tracers
  • 1 TraceCam
  • 1 Tripod
  • TraceApp

Billed yearly


4+ Teams / 120+ Games

  • Custom Packages
  • 4 or More Teams
  • 120+ or More Games
  • Priority Support
  • Event Integration

Billed yearly

All subscriptions come with…

Player Clips

View every touch
with player clips


Focus on the tactical
with Radar View

Coach Notes

Coach and tag
through voice

Player Stats

Top speed, distance
stamina, max efforts

Heat Maps

Field coverage
and time spent

Frequently asked

Does TraceCam really film on its own?

Yes, TraceCam really does film on its own. You turn the cameras on, start recording, and raise the tripod. That’s it. TraceCam captures the whole field and afterward figures out where to pan and zoom all on its own based on what’s going on in the game.

What age groups use Trace?

We have all levels of age groups using Trace from youngers to olders. Trace is used extensively at the high-school, community college, and college age groups.

What happens if I go over my number of games?

For the Choice and Elite packages you’ll be charged for each game as you Trace, so it becomes pay-as-you-go. We want Trace to be flexible and to easily fit your schedule. Choice is charged $125 per game after your first 10 games and Elite is charged at $85 per game after your first 30 games.

Can Trace be used for practice?

As long as you are simulating a game, Trace can be used. Coaches and teams use Trace for scrimmages at practice, for ID Camps, and more. What you need is to have two halves (can be between 25 - 45 mins) and to switch sides at halftime. That’s it. Fields can be different dimensions, and you can have as many people on each side as you want (as long as you have a goalie).

What is a Tracer?

A Tracer is a high-resolution sensor that capture every sprint, movement, position, and max effort. At 0.4oz, it’s so light players don’t even feel it. A Tracer slips into a special sleeve on the calf underneath the sock. Each player wears one Tracer.

What does the TraceApp do? And will it work with my Android?

Coaches and Managers run the Trace equipment from the TraceApp. Create your upcoming games and manage your Teams within the TraceApp. TraceApp is compatible with iPhones (no Andriod support at the moment). However, no app is needed to view Trace game footage.

Do you offer monthly pricing?

Yes we do! Our monthly pricing options can be found by clicking here.