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Teams from St. Croix Soccer Club, Charolette Independence, Sporting Iowa, Legends FC, and many more choose Trace because we bring together all of the extra filming elements you pay for as a team or family into one system.

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Trace offers so much more than raw footage. Every player, coach, and parent receives personalized game results. Take a tour to see what we'll send your team after each game.


I got the first clip within a couple of hours - I was quite impressed. I’ve never turned around a video that fast. Ever.

- Brooke Reece

Automatic Editing

Trace is so much faster than anything else [my daughter] has ever used. She literally looks at it all the time.

- Alex Lamos

Coach Stories

I’ve been coaching for over twenty years, and Trace has dramatically changed the game.

- Cris Araya

Parent Stories

It has been a fabulous experience and I’ve got nothing but great reviews. I 100% recommend Trace.

- Samar Needham

Automatic Filming

I am elated that we are finally going to have a camera system that does everything on it’s own and doesn’t require a parent volunteer.

- Steve Arnesen


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