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“It was almost too
good to be true.”

Whitney Lewis
Girls Director at Sporting Iowa

Recording games has never been more important. Whether you're focused on developing as a player, in the college recruitment process or simply trying to make your moments timeless, Trace works for everyone. Hear how Trace has helped our customers get the most out of their game film.

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Take the Work Out of Editing Game Film

“The back end of cutting and editing footage of games was a long, nightmare, grueling experience before Trace,” states Stephen Bivens, GM at Georgia Storm. With Trace, the quick turnaround time for receiving video and the ease of use make it easy for soccer coaches to give immediate, one-on-one feedback to each player.

Why Parents Love Trace

"I now obsessively use Trace." Parents love the ease of use, affordability, and personalized experience of Trace. Once parents start receiving their own child's best moments after each game, there's no going back to scouring full-game footage to find their kid's highlights. Whether for sharing moments with far-flung family members or for tracking performance progress or for capturing moments for college recruiting reels or for storing priceless memories, parents can't get enough of Trace.

Soccer Video Is Critical for Player Development

Nick Gordon, Director of Coaching at Lake Travis Elite, speaks about the importance of video technology for club soccer teams. The club uses Trace’s soccer camera to analyze game film, hold players accountable, and accelerate their player development.

Sharing Moments with Family

Kyah Zurek, outside right midfielder for SC Del Sol, talks about the importance of personal highlights for understanding what you did wrong in a game and how to improve in the future. Kyah’s favorite Trace feature is the easy sharing features. When her family members cannot make it to her games, she can simply send them all of her own moments.

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Teams from St. Croix Soccer Club, Charolette Independence, Sporting Iowa, Legends FC, and many more choose Trace because we bring together all of the extra filming elements you pay for as a team or family into one system.

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