Trace iD

Trace is the all-in-one game film system for making the most out of your soccer moments. We handle the heavy lifting, like automatically editing your match video. With Trace iD (included in every Trace subscription), you can build the ultimate highlight reel from your best moments.

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How Trace iD works

Organize your soccer moments across all of your matches. Tag each moment with options like Attacking Transition, Interception, Goal and many more. Trace iD is the ultimate highlight of you as a player.

Pick the moments you want to highlight

You have a lot of great moments across all of your matches filmed by Trace, and now you can organize the best into one feed!

Spotlight yourself on the field

Within the first seconds of a moment, drop a spotlight on yourself to give viewers a visual cue of you on the field.

Tag each moment for quick context

Give quick context by adding tags to each moment you put on your Trace iD.

Trace iD will take your team to the next level

See Trace iD in action

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See Trace iD in action

Start collecting and organizing your soccer moments. Tag a variety of your skills and give coaches and recruiters a way to understand you as a player.

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"This is the easiest filming system for players and coaches."

Coach, Blue Knights 2005 Premier

Highlight reels are a thing of the past.

We spent countless hours with recruiters asking what they want. The answers were clear. Recruiters want to be able to quickly scan a handful of moments that show every facet of you as a player, and then they want to dive deeper into longer game footage.

Give College Coaches:

  • 😎

    Easy Access to Your Moments

  • 📊

    Recent Performance Metrics

  • Access to Full Game Footage

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Trace iD in the field

"The reason that we were drawn to Trace originally was because of the individual moments that were sent to each player . . . and now Trace iD empowers them to really take advantage of that and start to own their recruitment process."

Coach, TFA Cincinnati