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Start.2.6 – Tripod setup

I can’t find the tripod head to connect the camera

Check inside the tripod bag. Sometimes they are shipped in the pocket.

How do you expand the tripod legs?

The fields are very close together, there is a slope, or there is a tent in the way.

Place the back of the camera parallel to the baseline

Can I set up on bleachers?

It is not recommended that you set up on bleachers. We cannot guarantee good match results this way.

Should I raise my tripod up all the way?

Your tripod should be raised between 8-12 feet high.

We’re facing the sun

Sometimes it is unavoidable to face the sun. However, match results may look blown out.

How much sand goes in the sandbags, and where can I get some?

10 lbs each. Hardware stores sells 40lbs bags of sand for about $5. We recommend putting the sand inside large ziplock bags and then inside the sandbags.