Swing app

This is a hero module. This module has multiple variants. This is the “split with image” variant. This is the most basic variant and is probably what you will want to use in most situations. It uses the h1 title from the page. Not all variants will work the same way.

  • CTA Module
This is a call-to-action module. Use if your design calls for a little text separation.
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This is the module that we use for the sports selection on the home page. It works with images and/or videos. You could use this module to create a persona selector that links to other landing pages. You could also use it to showcase features.


Alternating cards module

This is the big one. Use this when you really want to tell a story.


Second step

Each card or step holds one image and one video.You should really use both for maximum effect otherwise things will look a little empty.


The end

The last card in your story. Make it a good one.

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That was a video module. It contains youtube videos. Did you notice that the background of this is Teal? You can change it in the options.
  • Three up module

Dots on a field. Moving around.


Graphs and lines. Will they go up or down?

Heat maps

So hot right now.

  • Accordion: FAQ Variant
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That was a full-bleed image module. Sometimes you just need a big ‘ol image.
  • Accordion module – Feature comparison

Product option one

Product option two

1.21 Gigawatts

4.20 Gigawatts

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That was a quote carousel. It has room for a person’s image as well as a team logo.