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Watch: 90-second player reviews with Trace

Revolutionize how coaches give player feedback with Trace with this short video tutorial.

Coach Coaches & Managers
Tactics and Formations for 9v9 Soccer

Tournament season means U10 teams trying out 9v9 soccer for the first time. Get a head start with these tips for success!

9v9 Coaching
Trace Best Defensive Drills
Our Favorite Defensive Soccer Drills

Every player is a defender. Cultivate that instinct with amazing defensive soccer drills from our friends at Football DNA.

Coaching Player Development
Watch: Trace iD Playlists for Soccer Player Development

Trace iD helps soccer players take charge of their own development by making video review easy, engaging and fun.

Coaching Player Development
Watch: Trace iD Profiles for Coaches

Learn how soccer coaches are using Trace iD to make video analysis easy, and to promote individual and team development.

Coaching Player Development
Crossing and Finishing
Trace Toolkit: Crossing and Finishing

Build confidence and a lethal goalscoring touch with these super crossing and finishing drills.

Attacking Coaching
girl soccer player shooting and scoring
Trace Toolkit: Shooting Drills to Score More Goals

Scoring goals is harder than it looks. These shooting drills will help players develop confidence in front of goal.

Attacking Coach
Trace Toolkit: Creating More (and Better) Chances

Scoring goals depends on creating chances. Help your teams play free-flowing soccer with these creative attacking drills!

Coaching Drills
Trace Toolkit: Keeping Possession

Use these possession games to make keeping the ball feel purposeful and exciting.

Coaching Drills
soccer players rondo
Trace Toolkit: The Art of the Rondo

Rondos are a valuable soccer coaching tool. Spice up your team's sessions with these fun new rondo variations!

Coaching Drills
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