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Watch: Make Highlight Reels with Trace iD

Learn how to make highlight reels in minutes without leaving Trace! Make soccer highlight reels that stand out, with spotlight and other personalization features.

College Recruiting Player Development
Watch: What's New Spring 2022 AMA

Learn how Trace iD helps coaches identify talent by empowering players during the college recruitment process.

College Recruiting Player Development
Pregame routine
Pregame Tips to Help You Perform at Your Very Best

How do you prepare for every soccer game? These five pregame tips will help you feel relaxed, confident and powerful.

Player Development Player Development
the ride home after a loss
What to Say on the Ride Home After a Loss

A few tips to turn the ride home after a soccer game into an opportunity for recovery, relaxation and positive reflection.

Parents Player Development
Scanning the soccer field over your shoulder
Five Videos to Help You Scan the Field and Build Awareness

Learn how this simple, essential skill will help you see opponents, find teammates and recognize space.

Player Development Player Development
Self-Reflection Builds Confidence!
Using Positive Self-Reflection to Boost Soccer Skills

Self-reflection empowers players. Use our guided questions to build reflection as a valuable lifelong habit.

Player Development Player Development
Watch: Trace iD Playlists for Soccer Player Development

Trace iD helps soccer players take charge of their own development by making video review easy, engaging and fun.

Coaching Player Development
MLS NEXT vs. ECNL vs. GA: How to Choose Your Soccer League

These three leagues all offer elite resources and exposure. So which top-tier competition is right for your player?

ECNL Girls Academy
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