Coach Bennett Workshop

A Trace Workshop with Tim can be scheduled for the entire team or one-on-one with a player. The package includes two, one-hour sessions for $450. Workshops are tailored to the needs of the team/individual.

For Players
Possible recruiting topics include: Trace iD and recruiting best practices, which moments to select, how to organize your Trace iD, how often to update your Trace iD, how many moments and tags you should have, what to say when communicating with college coaches, and how often to follow up.

For Coaches
Possible coaching topics include: how to use Trace one-on-one with players, understanding performance metrics and their use in motivating players, and how to assign Trace homework to complement the aspects you’re focusing on during practice.


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Watch a Workshop with Tim

About Tim

Tim spent 24 years at the Division I level as a player and a coach. His coaching took him through the Big 12, SEC, Big East, and Pac-12 where he lead both men’s and women’s program into the NCAA tournament. After leaving D1 coaching, Tim served as an ECNL staff coach and was later Soccer Development Academy Director, and as Executive Director at the club level.

Tim specializes in recruiting and coaching development. Having played or coached in four of the Power 5 conferences, he has a high level of familiarity with the schools, their style of play, and what they would be looking for in a player. For coaches, he focuses on how to utilize the uniqueness of Trace and implement individual review as well as homework with your club.

"Easy to set up, easy to upload, easy to review the stats of the players. I would highly recommend the Trace system!"

Coach, Washington Rush 04 G