Trace + TGS Make Getting ECNL Video in front of Recruiters Even Easier

by Maggy Mahalick

Director of Strategic Partnerships at

Trace Soccer and Total Global Sports (TGS) have combined technologies to revolutionize the college soccer recruiting process for maximum exposure and efficiency. Both partners of the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), Trace and TGS are now also working together to feed ECNL video captured on Trace through TGS’s pipeline directly to college coaches with no extra effort from clubs and players. 

Every ECNL game and scrimmage will now be automatically loaded into TGS’s College Coaches Portal. Coaches will now be able to search for video by Team Name, Player, Trace iD, or Location. Coaches will also be able to see the latest goals scored by ECNL players with an endless new supply of video content at their fingertips. 

Over 6,000 active college staff members now have access to Trace ECNL video for recruitment.

“Over 26,000 ECNL players utilize their free TGS player profiles to become a student-athlete,” said Steve Patterson founder and CEO of TGS. “Player profiles are being viewed by over 6,000 college staff, allowing players to find the right college, connect with colleges, and much more. Players gain vital information about who attends their games, who viewed their profile, and step by step guides to help them through the recruiting process.”

At a time when competitive play and recruiting opportunities are limited, Trace and Trace iD are crucial tools for player identification and recruiting exposure. In the month of September alone, Trace had 1.5 million moment views from over 53,000 people viewing Game Results and player Trace iDs.

Last month, Trace had 1.5 million moment views.

“No other company comes close to the engagement numbers that Trace has, proving that the future is personalized moments,” said Trace CEO and Founder, David Lokshin. “Delivering personalized content within 24 hours to players and now recruiters is the future of player development and recruiting. If players want exposure to top colleges, they need to be on Trace.”

An ECNL survey earlier this year of more than 300 college coaches revealed that 77% preferred to receive clips or edited highlights vs. 11% seeking full games. With access to Trace video, college coaches will be able to watch individual player highlights, review player Trace iDs, and watch full game footage.


About Trace:
Trace Soccer is a sports technology company that is changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace uses AI and GPS technologies to automatically film soccer games and breakdown the video into personalized player moments for every player. Trace also offers a seamless way for players to collect video moments and share them with recruiters from one place through Trace iD. 

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Maggy Mahalick | Director of Strategic Partnerships 


About TGS:
TGS, a fully integrated sports management system, among many other functions, allows clubs a hands-on experience to manage their players’ college recruiting process. TGS gives clubs full access to all colleges and college staff in the TGS system, and the ability to communicate directly with the staff members.

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