More Than A Football Camera

Trace is the best camera for recording football. Trace automatically records the game, uses AI technology to create actionable playlists, and creates highlights for players.

  • Why Trace is the best football camera:
trace editing key features
AI-powered editing

Trace films the action from every angle, then edits match footage down to the highlights that matter.

Highlight playlists

Made-for-you playlists make it fun and easy to review plays, analyze matches, share content, and train skills.

Player profile

Set goals, track performance, add and organize highlights, all on a useful dashboard.

  • Football Video Analysis Using AI Camera Technology
Tactical Radar

Real-time view of all players on the field allows coaches to deepen their insight and manage the shape of the game.

Performance Metrics

Minutes played, distance ran, top speed, max efforts, and stamina help players understand their abilities and areas for improvement.

Player Heatmap

See where each player spends most of their time on the field, identify gaps in coverage, and improve performance.

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