Trace creates individual highlights that make your player better - at every age and level of play.

Why go with Trace?

Understand the true cost of game film, from start to finish.

Trace brings together all of the services that you pay for as a team or as a family. The real cost of game film is more than just recording games. It includes the extra dollars and time that goes into making game film useful.

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First, our belief about game film

At Trace, we think about game film very differently. Trace delivers the moments you care about from the game, with a custom playlist for you. Because what's the point of film if you don't watch it? Every product we release, every feature we update, is about personalization. It's why each game on Trace averages over 1,200 views (compared to less than 20 views on other services).

To players, seeing yourself on video changes everything. Trace gives you all of your moments across all of your games, in short, personalized playlists.

To parents, whether you're focusing on development or recruitment for your child, Trace makes sure you have all the right tools. Plus, you'll never miss a moment.

To coaches, capture your team's journey with little effort. Use your team's game film as a resource to communicate your coaching to players and parents.

Now, the true cost of game film

Before Trace, teams used a combination of services. As you can see below, other companies focus on one piece of the equation, and each come with their own kind of hairy process and cost. Trace radically streamlines and combines the full experience making it seamless for players, parents, and coaches.

Trace Elite

$3,800 /team

Unlimited Games

Automatic Editing

Personalized Moments

Shared Team Moments

Performance Metrics

Trace iD

Trace Equipment

No additional fees

Purchase Trace Elite

$190/per player per year

Traditional game film Companies

$2,185 /per team

Raw Footage Service

$348 /per team

Cloud Storage

$1,500 /per season

Editing & Clipping for Match Analysis

$365 /per player

Recruiting Reel

$360 /per player

Recruiting Platform

$950+/per player per year

"Amazing tool For coaching."

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