Capture the game
the way you want
to watch it.

Picture of the AI Trace soccer camera


Set and forget. In minutes.

Our smart camera sets up in minutes and tracks the action across every inch of the pitch, so that you can cherish the moment.


Spot your child. Effortlessly.

Trace’s PlayerFocus AI technology finds and follows every player on the field and makes it easy to see yours.


Rewatch their highlights. Any time.

Trace delivers your player’s highlights after the final whistle. Our spotlight keeps you focused on every touch, shot, and pass your son or daughter takes.


Capture every angle. Seriously.

Set up your smartphone along the sidelines, and our MultiCam technology integrates your footage alongside TraceCam video for extraordinary highlights with multiple views of the action.


Subscribe and enjoy.

Bingeworthy, shareworthy, irresistible highlights. PlayerFocus automatically organizes it all into a channel that makes enjoying it all as easy as subscribing.

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