How De Anza Force Uses Video Highlights for Player Development

De Anza Force soccer club uses Trace video to accelerate player development with individual highlights that focus on the player. Watch their success story.

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Score Big with These Top Gift Ideas for Youth Soccer Players

The ultimate guide to buying a gift for soccer players. Get your player the best soccer present this year.

Top Reasons You Should Capture Your Kid's Soccer Highlights

Soccer highlights not only serve as cherished memories but also have practical benefits for your child's development and growth as an athlete.

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Webinar: How to get every highlight of your kid this season

Trace CEO David Lokshin discusses how families can rewatch and relive games on Trace and walks through the tactical ways to operate the product.

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Orlando City Lake Nona and Trace Join Forces to Bring Automatic Player Highlights to Players

The club will benefit from a comperehensive video solution that streamlines progress tracking and accelerates player growth.

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Parent's Guide to Soccer Rules

To be the most supportive parent to your child’s budding youth soccer career, you need to know the rules of the game. Read on for a rundown of basic soccer rules to keep you cheering on the sidelines.

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10 Ways Coaches Can Help Players Raise Their Soccer IQ

Boost soccer IQ with these coaching strategies to help your players make smarter decisions on the field, improve their game, & more.

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Benefits of Playing Soccer for Youth

Having your child play a sport at a young age is a great way to kickstart their physical, mental, and social development, but soccer offers many benefits they can carry with them for a lifetime.

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5 Gift Ideas for Soccer Dads

Here's a list of great gift ideas for soccer dads for Father's Day, birthdays, or just to show your appreciation.

Lionel Messi Joins Inter Miami: The Ripple Effects on Youth Soccer

Lionel Messi's groundbreaking move to Inter Miami means big things for US youth soccer development and inspiring young players.

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