How it works

PlayerFocus captures each play, puts the spotlight on your child, and sends you their highlights after every game. Scroll to watch the video demo.

  • What is Trace PlayerFocus?
Trace PlayerFocus is the easiest and most affordable way to record your child’s soccer games and get their highlights delivered automatically. Our video AI does all the work so you can enjoy the game.
  • How to get started

You or someone on your team gets a Trace kit for just $495/year. Includes smart camera, portable tripod, and carrying cases.


You and any parent on the team can subscribe to your child’s highlights for as low as $15/month. Family members can subscribe too!


Watch your child’s games and highlights any time on their personal channel. Create playlists and share with family, friends, and recruiters.

  • What to do on game day?
Bring Trace

You or someone on the team brings the Trace kit to the field. Our 16-foot tripod is easy to transport in a 4 foot long case (under 10 lbs).

Set up

Set the tripod midfield and use your Trace Teams app to get the camera in 15 mins to start recording. We record, follow your player, and do all the rest.

Sit back

No need to stop at half time. No need to fumble with your phone to capture the game. Just sit back, cheer for your player, and enjoy the game.

  • What happens after the game?
Upload games

Connect your camera to the internet and press “upload” to start processing your game. Times vary depending on your connection.

Check email

Watch your inbox for an email from Trace letting you know your games results are in and your video is ready to watch!

Watch & share

Everyone who subscribes can watch the full game or your player’s highlights. Share or download video to send it to more family and friends.

  • What’s there to love about Trace?
Parents, coaches and players love that Trace makes it easy to capture all the action the way you watch it – focused on your player. After the game, our video AI delivers captivating content you’ll love to rewatch and share.

  • Frequently asked questions