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Watch: 90-second player reviews with Trace

Revolutionize how coaches give player feedback with Trace with this short video tutorial.

by Trace Team

A team on a mission to change the way we capture and relive the most important memories of our life.

At Trace, we’re committed to helping our customers use player-focused video to achieve their goals. To help coaches accelerate player development, we’ve launched a short video series that in under 4 minutes can revolutionize how coaches give player feedback. It’s available now directly on Trace iD.

Giving personalized feedback is critical to helping your players grow. In just 4 minutes, our new how-to series teaches coaches:

  • How to create player playlists for video review
  • How to add feedback to your players’ highlights
  • How to share highlights with your players
  • Trace Coaches’ thoughts on the impact of 1-on-1 reviews

We believe that 90-second reviews will make life easier for coaches using Trace. Players (and parents!) will appreciate the personalized feedback they can get, and it will be a game-changer for coaches who want to accelerate their programs.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and learn how to conduct 1-on-1 game reviews in 90 seconds!

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