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AI-Personalized Video: The New Essential for Youth Soccer Clubs

Read more on key insights from the Year of Video in Youth Soccer report.

by Trace Team

A team on a mission to change the way we capture and relive the most important memories of our life.

Video is everywhere

Players, parents, coaches, and club directors need video. Leagues require it at the competitive level. College-bound students need highlight reels that show their skills. School and club coaches review film with their teams—before and after games—to unpack team strategy, evaluate their players, and improve play. Parents and players expect video to capture highlights they can share with loved ones and on social media.

How video is revolutionizing youth soccer

Video helps club directors meet their priorities—improving player development and the quality of coaching, facilitating college recruitment, helping to attract new members, and increasing current member satisfaction.

Our nationwide survey of club directors reveals:

  • 50% agree that by 2025 all soccer clubs will be filming their games
  • 61% plan to use video with more of their teams
  • 38% expect even younger teams that are playing non-competitively to film games

80% of our learning is visual, and this is especially true for young athletes who grew up consuming social media and have shorter attention spans

Video highlights focused on the individual player offer the most benefit

For your coaches: AI-powered video that focuses on the players makes life easier for coaches and can enhance the quality of their coaching program. AI video-assisted coaching will help coaches save time reviewing films and analyzing every game and will improve 1:1 feedback sessions with players.

For your players: With personalized AI video that is focused on them, players can see themselves from multiple angles, enhancing their understanding of their play. Plus, their highlights are easily showcased. There’s no need to spend hours creating a highlight reel. AI technology records, organizes, and edits every moment of their game.

For parents: Parents want to be able to easily see their child’s progress and share their soccer journey with grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and on social media. AI video records the games and sends parents the highlights that matter most—their child’s best saves, assists, goals, and celebrations.

Widespread use of AI-personalized video is transforming youth soccer and the clubs that are embracing the technology.

More clubs are going all in on Trace to supercharge their growth and player development

Trace is the only video solution on the market that delivers individual player highlights to nurture player development. It is super easy to implement club-wide, for players of all ages and levels – spurring club growth by attracting new players and retaining current ones.

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