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6 Tips for Coaching Young Teams with Trace

Read 6 tips for using soccer game film and video to coach players under 12 years old.

by Charles LaCalle

Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

Francis Davin is Head Coach of Liverpool FC IA SoCal’s B11 and B10 teams. At this age (around 10 years old), players are beginning to learn to play soccer more cooperatively, to understand team positioning, and to set up attacks and defense.

Liverpool FC IA SoCal uses Trace’s soccer camera system for recording games and analyzing performance. “This technology has been brilliant for me as a coach and for the players,” stated Davin. “Even though the players are young, they are really starting to engage in self-evaluation through video.” With Trace, all games are recorded, and each player receives personalized playlists of their moments from the match in 14-16 hours of walking off the field.

Coach Davin recently shared some of the things that he’s been doing to coach with Trace with the other coaches at Liverpool FC to pass along some of his best practices.

Coach Davin’s Tips For Using Trace’s Soccer Camera System 

  • Each Monday after the game the players rewatch their own moments and add 3 positive moments related to a recent practice topic to their Trace ID. Trace ID is like a scrapbook where players can store video clips from the game. In addition to positive moments, I ask them to add 1 moment where maybe there’s a development opportunity. This way they get 4 moments added each week and this library grows quickly. 
  • Ask players to try to watch (in double speed if they are short on time) the progressions or defensive breakdowns, depending on the week’s topic. Most players are visual learners, so Trace’s footage will help reinforce lessons. 
  • Encourage players to focus on the radar view at the top of the Trace interface to think about how the team shape affected the outcome. The radar view will help them to start learning the importance of tactical formation and the importance of positioning on the field. 
  • I watch the games, mostly on double speed 🧐, to see where the opponent is strong and any patterns in their play that next time we play them, we can counter. 
  • Try to work some of our breakdowns into the next week’s practice plans and coaching sessions.  
  • Share groups of videos with the parents to show them what we are working on in this week’s game. You can easily copy and paste URLs of specific Trace moments and include them in emails, or you can download the video of individual moments. 

With Trace, coaches can instill valuable lessons about tactics and formation through visual learning. The product is designed to be accessible to youth soccer players at all age levels, making learning new skills fun and simple. And maybe most importantly at this age, Trace allows younger players to save moments from these foundational years, which they can later watch to see the full scope of their development as players.

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