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5 Reasons Why Editing Your Soccer Highlight Video is Outdated

Editing soccer highlight videos takes time and money you could have back if you turn to the newest technology.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

Soccer highlight videos have always been a valuable tool for youth soccer players to showcase their skills to college coaches, friends, and family. However, recording and editing these videos has always been highly time-consuming and requires significant manual effort. This is no longer the case with the advent of AI-powered video technology. Today’s players can have their entire game recorded automatically and then create personalized highlight videos with just a few clicks. Not only does this save time for everyone involved, but it also ensures that every player gets an accurate representation of their performance.

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Recording is only the first step

Anyone who’s ever tried to record youth soccer games knows how difficult it can be to get good quality footage – not to mention how much it takes you away from actually watching the game! To get noticed, it’s vital to have high-quality highlights of your performance. An alternative is hiring a videographer to record games, but this can be costly, and it’s not always possible to get footage of every game.

Editing video is time-consuming and difficult

If you’re looking to create a soccer highlight video for a college coach, you know that recording the game is just one piece of the puzzle. Instead of spending hours editing footage or paying a professional to break the footage down for you, look for a system that automates the entire process. Youth soccer has evolved, and innovative companies such as Trace now offer quality, personalized footage of your games at an affordable price. This is much more likely to impress a coach than a homemade highlight reel, and it’s a lot less work for you!

Significant space and storage

Youth soccer teams are increasingly turning towards cloud storage-based systems to record and store their game footage. This is because such systems offer many benefits over traditional, at-home methods. For one, cloud-storage-based systems free up valuable computer storage that would otherwise be taken up by downloads of full games or highlight videos. Additionally, as players grow and improve throughout, their highlights should too. This means a player will likely need many updates or versions of a highlight video throughout their high school career, resulting in even more storage consumed.

Sharing video is complicated

Sharing highlight videos from youth soccer games is a great way to stay connected with friends and family in addition to showcasing oneself to college coaches. However, recording and sharing highlights can be tricky, as the file sizes are often too large to include in emails or other forms of communication. One solution is to use an automated system focused directly on you. This approach also has the added benefit of allowing you to choose which moments from the game you want to share, ensuring that your friends and family only see the best of what you have to offer.

Amateur soccer highlight videos don’t look as good as professional ones

We’ve all seen an at-home highlight reel that doesn’t look up to par. It’s true that coaches are always looking for high-quality footage of players in action, and using an automated system or software is the easiest way to keep these videos consistently up to standard.

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What is Trace, and why do you need it

No manual recording or editing

TraceCam uses intelligent AI to record every play from every game automatically. That means you no longer have to worry about manually recording games or sorting through hours of footage. Instead, you can focus on watching the game you care about and letting Trace do the work.

With Trace, you’ll no longer have to edit anything on your own. Using GPS sensor technology, Trace is able to track every player and send them their highlights within hours of every game. Now, you won’t have to spend additional time or money on an outdated soccer highlight video by the time the coach receives it.

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No downloads

Using cloud-based storage, Trace holds every game, playlist, and player profiles so that you don’t have to hang onto large files that take up your entire personal or work computer. Paired with the ability to link-share a single moment or entire highlight playlist, players can compile and share their best moments within minutes.

Final product at all times

Rather than spending hours or hundreds of dollars to create a single soccer highlight video (usually anywhere from two to three minutes), Trace allows you to add and subtract moments from your recruiting profile quickly. If a coach is looking for additional footage focusing on one aspect of your game, it’s never been easier to create a playlist and share the new link. Check out this interactive tour of an example Trace iD below!


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