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Trace and Football DNA Announce Content Partnership

Trace and Football DNA join forces in their mission to nurture and accelerate player and coach development by making exceptional content available to everyone!
Trace & Football DNA

by Adam Wood

Writer, researcher and soccer coach. Devotee of The Beautiful Game. Lifelong learner and community-building advocate.

UNITED KINGDOM + AUSTIN, TX (Feb 22, 2022) – Football DNA and Trace are proud to announce the formation of a new partnership that will see the two organizations join forces in their mission to nurture and accelerate player and coach development.

This exciting collaboration will allow Trace and Football DNA to deliver high-value content to new audiences worldwide. The two organizations are unified by their commitment to creating and distributing educational resources that help coaches coach more effectively, and help players take charge of their own development.

Football DNA is the premier platform for soccer development. Designed for players and coaches by professional players and coaches, Football DNA is democratizing the game by making exceptional educational content accessible to everyone. Their selection of easy-to-understand, high-value resources includes: curated, age-appropriate curriculums, meticulously designed practices and sessions, professional tactical analyses, individual skills programs, advice on wellbeing and nutrition, and so much more. 

“Football DNA has an ambition to support as many coaches and players around the world so they can benefit from high quality resources from their fingertips,” says Football DNA founder and co-owner Stewart England. “When Trace made contact, we were delighted and after speaking further it was clear our missions aligned to help support one another with their leading technology.” 

Trace’s revolutionary all-in-one game film system uses AI technology to automatically film and edit games. After every match, Trace users receive personalized player moments, individualized performance data, team tactical playlists and more. These engaging short-form videos encourage players, coaches and teams to take action, and help them elevate their game by enhancing their understanding of the way they play. 

“Trace’s mission is to be the ultimate developmental resource, and we believe this partnership is a big step in achieving that,” says David Lokshin, CEO of Trace. “We immediately recognized the potential impact of Football DNA’s incredible content, and are thrilled by this opportunity to provide our players, coaches and parents with access to their professional insight and wisdom.”

Enjoy the first fruits of this collaboration on the Trace Academy using the links below, and keep an eye out for more content on both organizations’ sites shortly!

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Check out the Football DNA website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for more top-tier coaching content.

About Trace: Trace is a sports technology company changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace’s revolutionary all-in-one platform uses AI technology, GPS sensors, and powerful software to automatically capture and organize match footage, generate tactical playlists, and deliver personalized moments to each player. An elite resource for player development and college recruitment, Trace is the most affordable and effective way to have your own film crew, editing team, and video analysis staff at your fingertips.

About Football DNA: Football DNA ( is a platform designed to improve soccer coaches and players from grassroots to elite through exclusive high quality content from experienced soccer coaches in the game from around the world. The platform has over 500 outfield practice videos, full sessions and full season curriculums adding to the specialist goalkeeping, one to one and sport science & nutrition areas.  You are guaranteed to develop as a football coach or player using Football DNA!

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