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Georgia Storm FC

How Georgia Storm is using Trace to deliver game film quickly and easily to players and coaches at the youth and semi-professional levels.
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by Charles LaCalle

Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

Georgia Storm Chose Trace to Make Delivering Game Film Quicker and Easier

Stephen Bivens is the General Manager and Head Coach at Georgia Storm. Known as “The Storm,” the soccer club was formed in 2014 in Carrollton, Georgia as a youth club. In 2020, the team surged into the professional scene by receiving an NPSL franchise, quickly followed by league membership in the UPSL in April 2021.

The club uses Trace as their soccer game film and performance analysis solution for both youth teams and NPSL/UPSL teams. Before Trace, editing game film to get each player’s highlights was an extremely time-consuming and overwhelming experience for coaches at the club.

Coach Bivens adopted Trace to save time and to deliver soccer game highlights to players and coaches quickly and seamlessly.

“The back end of cutting and editing footage of games was a long, nightmare, grueling experience before Trace.”

Stephen Bivens, General Manager at Georgia Storm

With Trace, the teams can upload games one day, and by the next morning, all players will have clips of the progressions, the attacking progressions, and the defensive plays. Each player has their own stats and highlights. Before Trace, Bivens was uploading games and chopping up footage himself.

“After each game, our coaching staff will review the footage of the games, look at each player and see how they can improve, and then we set up meetings or send text messages with points of clarification or points of improvement for each player based on footage captured by Trace. Then we can also back that up by showing them that footage.”

Player Michael Derbecker sees the quick turnaround as one of the main benefits of using Trace. “You play Saturday afternoon or night, and the first thing Monday morning you get an email and open it up to see highlights with a focus on your performance and what you can do better at.”

Many of the youth players at Georgia Storm have aspirations of going pro or playing college soccer, so Trace is extremely valuable for keeping all highlights from players in one location and sharing it with college coaches.

“With Trace, players can get highlights back to recruiters very quickly,” stated Bivens. “We’ve been able to just set it up, capture games easily, get players their highlights and their talking points for coaches,” states Bivens.

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