The Way to Get Your Team to Watch Game FilmBy David Lokshin

The Way to Get Your Team to Watch Game Film

Trace believes people want personalized, short-form video moments. In the last 18 months, tens of thousands of games and hundreds of tournaments used Trace for game film. People all across the globe watch more than 3 million moments a month on Trace. Let’s take a look at what the data is telling us people want to watch.

Short-form, personalized moments are the future.

More than 65% of all playlist views on Trace come from an individual player’s playlist. The next largest playlist is Touch Chains (passing sequences). Together they make up more than 85% of all viewership on Trace.

Playlist Views by Type

The attention span for full game footage is 1 minute 36 seconds.

You read that correctly. The average person who lands on a full game playlist spends 1:36 watching the full game footage. But they stay on Trace and spend 5.5x the time looking through personal moments and stats.

% of Time Spent Watching Trace Game Results

No one wants to watch the full game. Full games represent 2% of the content viewed on Trace.

People love binge-watching personal moments

When someone lands on a player moments playlist, they consume 2.5x the content than someone who landed on a full game playlist! They spend almost 6 minutes more consuming content per user. Across a team of 18 players, that’s 1.8 hours more video watched! Across a season, your team watches an additional 40 hours of video! (And that’s not even counting parents)

Hours of Video Being Consumed

3 key takeaways to unlock engagement

1. Time and attention are scarce resources. People only want to consume short-form, personal content. That means player playlists.

2. Don’t share full games, share personalized content. If you don’t have player moments, then edit a set of clips for the back line, or your midfielders. Don’t make it as general as possible. Make your video as specific as possible.

3. Make video timely. 75% of teams using Trace receive their video less than 7 hours after uploading —5% less than 4.5 hours after upload. You want video on your player’s phones as soon after the game as possible.

Tour Trace Game Results

Trace films, edits, and shares personalized moments with your players. Our unique game film is proven to help players develop faster and increase their chances of being recruited.

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"Great technology that gives you personalized video clips and some analytics too."

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