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6 Ways Families Benefit from Recording Games with Trace

Families can now move forward with Trace at any time, and here's why it might be a perfect fit for you and your kids.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

Teams across the country record their games with Trace and use it as a powerful tool for developing great players and teaching important lessons. But now, parents can harness the power of Trace even if their team does not have a subscription.

Families can harness the full power of Trace for learning, saving memories, and improving quickly. Trace’s new Family Pricing plan comes with 3 GPS sensors(versus 20 GPS sensors with the Team Pricing plan). Here is a direct comparison between Trace Team and Trace Family if you’re unsure which would be the best fit.

Purchasing Trace for your family provides flexibility to use our automated recording and editing software and receive personalized moments of your children after every game.

Be More Present at Your Child’s Games

Sitting on the sidelines fumbling on your smartphone for the record button is not the most enjoyable way to take in your kids game. At the same time, every parent wants footage of their kids’s best moments. With Trace, parents no longer have to worry about capturing every little thing. Trace automatically records and sends parents every single moment in which their child is tagged. Powerful A.I. technology, combined with GPS tracking, means that Trace gets you every highlight within hours of the game.

Priceless Memories

The memories made on the field shape your child into the person they will become. What if you could save those memories so that one day in the future, your child could look back. Until recently, no solution existed to capture every game. Some ambitious parents may have brought their camcorders to the field, but for the most part, people only have their memories to rely on. Trace stores every moment from your child’s games in the cloud, which makes for easy link sharing and the ability to use Trace iD for saving videos on playlists.

Getting Ahead of the Crowd

Suppose you and your athletes are serious about looking into a game film solution like Trace. In that case, the family subscription allows you to quickly move forward without approval from anyone else at the team or club. This allows any family to make the best decision for themselves and use Trace to their sole advantage without needing to sell any other individuals in the meantime. Of course, if you’d like to share the good word of Trace with the rest of your community, the Trace Team subscription proves to be more economical than the family offering once you get a few team members involved. Introducing a system like Trace to a team is sure to open some eyes and show the rest of the group what they’ve been missing out on.

Speeding Up Development

Trace is powerful because athletes actually use it. Short, engaging and personalized footage is simply more likely to be watched and used for improving than long, raw game footage. Reviewing footage after every game leads to better understanding of strengths and weaknesses. By reviewing weekly, players begin to notice performance trends and prove the hard work they’ve put in during practice.Parents love Trace because they receive video highlights of their own child and can share these with extended family members. Miss a game? Trace has you covered. Want to share with an aunt or uncle in another state? Trace has you covered.

All in One Recruiting Tool

Say goodbye to old-fashioned, one-time highlight videos.Every player using Trace has their own Trace iD, a profile with playlists that you can customize for any need. Players can link-share each moment or playlist to any coach, scout, or external individual of your choosing, making Trace iD the most comprehensive recruiting tool you can find. College coaches want context, and Trace allows them to click to see full game footage. From the score of the game at any given moment to your performance metrics, the coach can see everything they care about with just one link. No more editing, stitching, highlighting, uploading, or downloading a video that will be old just a few months later.

Family Bonding Time

Reviewing game film with your athlete(s) is a great way to develop the relationship and their overall knowledge of the game. Since Trace edits all of their involvements throughout the match, you’ll be able to scan through their best plays in minutes. Talking through both the good and the bad moments is very powerful. While many users view Trace moments through their mobile devices, reviewing gameplay on a bigger screen at your home is highly recommended. Not only is it fun to help your athlete improve, but any family would tell you it’s fun to rewatch your kid’s best plays from the past game. We like to call this one a family game night!

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