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How Many Soccer Moments Do I Send to a College Coach?By Adrian Martinez
Former College, High School and Youth Soccer Coach in Southern CA from 2010-2018. Served as Assistant Director of Coaching for a US Soccer Development Academy & Boys/Girls ECNL program, nationally-recognized for developing collegiate, professional and US national team players. Served as an Assistant Coach for current NCAA Division II program, Concordia University Irvine, in the PacWest Conference.

How Many Soccer Moments Do I Send to a College Coach?

10 to 20 moments.

After 20, you’re asking for more than 5 minutes from a college coach, time they just don’t have.

To understand what 10-20 moments to send, keep reading

The first 5 moments should be your best moments as a player. Make sure these are “WOW” moments. You can’t guarantee a coach will get past the 5th moment, so make sure you encourage them with your best

In our 5 do’s to get recruited, we told you to showcase a wide variety of skills. You must organize your remaining moments by theme. For example, moments 6 through 10 could all be off-ball movement.

The above photo is a Trace iD, a tool to help organize and tag soccer moments for players that capture their game results with Trace. Trace iD can easily be shared with coaches and recruiters. If you’re compiling a traditional highlight reel, you should still group your clips by theme. Make sure you read the 4 don’ts to get recruited through your recruiting video

Moments 11 through 15 could all be defensive moments (tackling, headers, interceptions, etc…). In Sam’s moments, he shows off a defensive pass, plus a few defensive interceptions that put on display his ability to read the game.

Moments 16 through 20 can wrap you up as a player with passing ability.

Organizing your play will give the college coach a better understanding of your skill set, rather than trying to guess based off of 20 or 30 randomized clips.

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