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Longtime Trace partners LAFC Slammers win 4th ECNL Overall Club Championship!By David Lokshin
Father of Ethan. CEO & Founder of Trace Soccer.

Longtime Trace partners LAFC Slammers win 4th ECNL Overall Club Championship!

Austin, Texas (Aug 12th, 2021) — Trace Soccer would like to congratulate LAFC Slammers for winning the 2021 ECNL Overall Club Championship. This is LAFC Slammers 4th time winning the title. They are only the second team in league history to win back-to-back championships.

LAFC Slammers ECNL teams were one of the first teams to join Trace back in 2018. “We recognized the value of Trace early on. Filming every game and getting personalized content to our players quickly has accelerated our players’ development exponentially,” said Walid Khoury, LAFC Slammers Director of Coaching. “It’s why every single one of our ECNL teams is currently using Trace.”

LAFC Slammers teams finished third or higher at every regional tournament. They had a team from every age group qualify for the ECNL National Playoffs, four of which advanced to the National Finals. U13 and U16 came in first in the final, U17 second, and U13 third. The overall Championship is awarded to the club that has earned the highest point totals from regular-season Conference titles, advancement into the ECNL National Playoffs and Finals, and overall success in these Postseason events.

“Our club is focused on creating exceptional soccer players and investing in their development. Trace lets our players see both their wins and their mistakes, and lets them grow and learn from the experience” said Khoury. “We are so proud of this accomplishment and even more proud to say we’re just the second club in ECNL history to win it back-to-back. To our administrators, coaches, parents, and most importantly our athletes, we all share in this success. We thank you and are so proud!”

The entire Trace team would like to congratulate LAFC Slammers on this extraordinary accomplishment.

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