Michigan Power Futbol Academy Enters Two-Year Partnership with Trace

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (Mar 25, 2022) – Michigan Power Futbol Academy and Trace are proud to announce a two-year club partnership outfitting select MPFA teams with the Trace game film system.

by Reann Dvorscek

Reann works with Trace to educate clubs and partners on utilizing video to generate club awareness and increase player engagement.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI + AUSTIN, TX (Mar 25, 2022) – Michigan Power Futbol Academy and Trace are proud to announce a two-year club partnership outfitting select MPFA teams with the Trace game film system. Those teams will have access to all the benefits of Trace’s revolutionary platform: automatically filmed and edited games, shareable college recruiting profiles with Trace iD, personalized player moments, tactical team playlists, player performance data, and more.

Michigan Power Futbol Academy is a nonprofit organization bringing top-quality soccer training and leadership development to young athletes in their Greater Grand Rapids community. The club’s mission is empowering players to define and find success, on and off the field. That holistic approach to player development centers on teaching six core values: Leadership, Excellence, Community, Growth, Passion and Fun. 

More than just a soccer club, the Michigan Power Futbol Academy provides a community and support system to help every player reach their full potential. The organization offers each player:

  1. Opportunity for All: MPFA offers scholarships and grants to help eliminate barriers such as cost and transportation from youth soccer
  2. Academic Support: MPFA works with players to build plans for the future, and is partnered with the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) to allow players to participate in college success workshops.
  3. Access to College Recruiters: MPFA offers Navigating the College Soccer Recruiting Process events to support players looking to make the next step in their soccer careers.
  4. A Place to Belong
  5. Unity in Diversity

This exciting new partnership with Trace promises to elevate the MPFA’s commitment to player development through the power of video analysis. Trace helps players take charge of their own development by giving them the tools they need to explore, analyze and appreciate their game — and in a format they actually want to watch. 

“From day one, our goal at Michigan Power Futbol Academy has been to create leaders in soccer and life,” says MPFA Director of Coaching, Zsolt Bertalan.  “As we provide a youth soccer environment focusing on professionalism, trust, reliability, and inclusion we work tirelessly to create positive sport experiences for young boys and girls. We fully believe this partnership with Trace will enhance our mission for all our members as they learn, develop, lead, and succeed!” 

For MPFA players interested in playing at the collegiate level, Trace’s recruiting platform, Trace iD, gives players the power to save, share, and spotlight their best moments. Simply select your favorite moments, add them to your Trace iD, and seamlessly share the playlist link with college coaches across the country. 

Michigan Power Futbol Academy joins over 200 other clubs and organizations that have partnered with Trace to provide their players with the best resources for development and college recruitment.

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About Trace:
Trace is a sports technology company changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace’s revolutionary all-in-one platform uses AI technology, GPS sensors, and powerful software to automatically capture and organize match footage, generate tactical playlists, and deliver personalized moments to each player. An elite resource for player development and college recruitment, Trace is the most affordable and effective way to have your own film crew, editing team, and video analysis staff at your fingertips. 

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Maggy Mahalick | Head of Strategic Partnerships

About Michigan Power Futbol Academy: Michigan Power Futbol Academy provides soccer training, educational benefits, leadership development in character and sportsmanship within the Greater Grand Rapids community; promoting the development of amateur youth sports as a member of GVSA and MSYSA. Through the hard work and dedication of a group of volunteers from your community, young athletes can develop their self‐confidence, camaraderie, gain leadership abilities, improve their athletic skills, and represent their community and state.

Our coaching staff hold the highest level of licensing and expertise to ensure the growth and development of our young athletes on the field of play. Our board and members are 100% volunteers dedicated with a diverse background.

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