More camera angles. More possibilities.

MultiCam will be rolling out to everyone in January 2022. Can’t wait? Request to join the preview. Early access will be granted based on availability.

Replays from multiple angles.

Record other camera angles from your phone.
TRACE_BOT automatically switches to the best angle on the field.
Enjoy MultiCam or watch replays from any camera.


How do I access MultiCam?
To access MultiCam, you’ll need the Trace Teams iOS app and a preview access code.
Where should I set up my phone camera?
You can set it up anywhere! We have a few locations that worked well in testing if you’d like a recommendation.
Does my phone video record with sound?
No. We only use the sound from your TraceCam in MultiCam videos.
Should I use a tripod?
It’s up to you: with a tripod, you can set and forget your camera and enjoy the game. Prefer to grab footage on the fly? That works too.
What kind of phone can I use to shoot video?
At this time, MultiCam video requires the Trace Teams iPhone app. During this preview, it’s only available for iPhone. Android friends, we’re working on an app for you too, which will be launched next year.
Where do I download Trace Teams?
You can find it in the Apple app store.
Can I shoot both vertical and horizontal video?
For best results, shoot horizontal video only.

Sign me up for MultiCam Preview!

MultiCam is rolling out to select clubs Thanksgiving weekend. It will be available to everyone in January 2022. Early access may be available in December. Sign up for a chance to participate in the preview!