Record Unlimited Angles From Anywhere Along the Field with MultiCam

MultiCam enables users to captures footage from anywhere along the field to view alongside Trace moments.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

Trace users can now supplement their moments with recordings from smartphones. Position your phone anywhere along the field, and powerful AI technology stitches it all together to create spectacular game results. 

Trace is the only camera system that delivers personalized moments for every athlete on the field. But when it comes to capturing video from different angles, any single camera, even one like Trace that tracks the action, can feel limiting. 

We see parents on the field using their iPhones to capture close-up video of their own child or filming creative angles of specific positions, while trusting that Trace captures all the moments from above. In the past, that parent’s video might have gone forgotten on their iPhone. That’s about to change.

MultiCam was inspired by three main ideas: more angles, no extra equipment, and no added costs (free for all Trace subscribers). Fields are large, meaning it can be difficult for any one camera to capture every desired angle.  And individuals are already accustomed to using their smartphones to record their players. Not only do parents want to catch their child’s best moments, but more importantly, they don’t want to miss them. 

MultiCam enablesTrace parents or videographers to record from any location, and Trace does the work of matching that video with Trace’s personalized game results.

Your video, your metrics, your best moments. And now, you choose which angle you want to see. 

Here’s How MultiCam Works

First, you need to download the Trace Teams iOS app. You will record the game through the Trace Teams app. Once recorded through your phone, Trace’s AI engine, which we like to call TRACE_BOT, will automatically process, upload, and deliver the moments to your team’s personalized game results. You’ll then be able to view moments from any angle as you watch your game results. 

TRACE_BOT will also create an Auto switch moment, stitched together from all available devices, to best follow the action. 

You’ll find your MultiCam moments under the projector icon.

The Many Trace MultiCam Use Cases

Whether you’re trying to record more footage of your specific player or using MultiCam to capture additional moments for coaching players, more video means more options and more ways to get creative. Our goal at Trace is to deliver short, actionable video, rather than long, raw game footage that goes unwatch. In other words, less is more. But when it comes to having unlimited up-close and personal footage:

Up-Close Footage of the Action

The action around the goal or certain positions can be difficult to see at times. Maybe other players are blocking your child at key times. MultiCam gives parents the power to capture angles that showcase their own child in the best light, no matter their position on the field.

Epic Social Media Content

With every player posting on multiple social channels, who doesn’t want an opportunity to go viral on social media? Players can edit or download their moments into action-packed footage to share with the world. With MultiCam, you can now shoot on the fly when interesting things happen. Social media is all about trends, and with MultiCam’s broadcast-style view-switching, you’ll receive moments with multiple angles, showing every detail of your player’s best moment.

Give Your Team Videographer Superpowers

Gone are the days that you’re unable to catch the angle down in the corner or record the action on the far side of the field. With MultiCam, you can set up a smartphone at any location on the field, and you can also now pinch to zoom so you can focus on the action that’s important to you. 

Better Tools for Coaching 

As any coach knows, visual learning is extremely powerful. Trace is an extremely powerful tool for showing players what is happening on the field with the full context of every player’s position. With MultiCam, coaches can combine the full context with even more position-specific demonstrations. Seeing different angles can make a real difference for learning and understanding the fundamentals of the sport, and players can now see those teaching moments from any point of view.

These are just a few examples of what you might accomplish with MultiCam. For each team, there might be unique use cases; you know best what’s important to you. With MultiCam, you get the power to make your Trace experience even more personal, and you get to choose what to focus on.

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