Player development, powered by video.

Trace is the only soccer camera that records every game, tags every play, and automatically delivers individual player highlights and stats. Coaches get the context they need for faster & more impactful analysis.

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  • All in on video
61% of clubs anticipate more teams to film their games next season, and reason #1 is to improve player development.
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Tactical Radar

Real-time view of all players on the field allows coaches to deepen their insight and manage the shape of the game.

Performance Metrics

Minutes played, distance ran, top speed, max efforts, and stamina help players understand their abilities and areas for improvement.

Player Heatmap

See where each player spends most of their time on the field, identify gaps in coverage, and improve performance.

  • Create more opportunities for your players
Trace is the tool that coaches and players love to use.

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The Year of Video in Youth Soccer

The most successful youth soccer clubs are going all in on video. We surveyed club directors across the nation and 61% anticipate more teams will film their games next season – reason #1 is to improve player development. Fill out the form to be the first to receive the report when it’s released in February 2023.