How it works

Wouldn't it be great to have an assistant film your games, edit your footage, and track player performance? Well, we are pleased to introduce you to TRACE_BOT.

TRACE_BOT is the artificial intelligence behind our entire system, from filming, to automatic editing, to player performance metrics. We're trying to take as much work off your plate as possible because our mission is to deliver players their soccer moments lightning fast.

🎥 Let's start with the filming

Our all-in-one game film system includes a very portable TraceKit, which has all of the equipment you need to record your team's soccer matches, home or away. Pre-game setup takes 15 minutes, and then you forget about it so you can coach or cheer without missing a moment. The TraceKit includes a TraceCam, Tripod, and Tracers.

The TraceKit

The TraceCam records the entire pitch all on its own. It never misses a moment; you turn TraceCam on and forget about it until the match ends. TraceCam can record up to three 90 minutes matches and can film in a range of weather too!

Filming at an elevated position is crucial, so we'll send you a portable Tripod that ascends up to 16 feet and collapses down to 4 feet (you absolutely don't need a pickup truck to haul our Tripod).

Players wear a 0.6oz Tracer that sits in a special sleeve on the back of their dominant leg. Tracers are jam-packed with gizmos and gadgets that help TRACE_BOT understand the finer details of a match so it can automatically edit and provide performance metrics.

Now, let’s get personal

Once your game is uploaded, TRACE_BOT starts processing it right away.

TRACE_BOT takes about 4 to 6 hours to analyze all of the video and Tracer data. You're usually asleep while this is happening, so there's no work for you to do, but TRACE_BOT is editing all the footage and building a personalized playlist of moments for each player.

Once TRACE_BOT finishes, coaches, players, and parents automatically get an email with their Trace Game Results.

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📬 Re: Your Trace Game Results

Without any work, players, parents, and coaches receive highly personalized game footage through our Game Results. TRACE_BOT analyzed, cut, and stitched together all the important moments. You can access these results on any device at any time, and you can download each of these moments to post on social media.

Player Playlists
A Player Playlist is a timeline of short, digestible moments from a match. It's the first thing a player sees when they open their Game Results. Rather than watching raw game footage, players can quickly relive the action and share their best moments with friends or coaches.

Team Playlists
Tactical Playlists sort all moments into lists labeled by types of action (goal, touch, progression, and more), offensive or defensive moments, and by the location on the field. Coaches can quickly navigate these playlists to enhance coaching and accelerate player development.

📊 Performance Metrics

TRACE_BOT crunches a lot of numbers to provide team and player performance metrics. These metrics help players understand their abilities and gives coaches cues for team improvement.

Tactical Radar
The Tactical Radar gives you a real-time location of all the players on the field. Coaches love the radar to help manage the shape of the game.

Player Performance Metrics
Our metrics include minutes played, distance ran, top speed, Max Efforts, and Stamina.

Player Heatmap
See where a player spent most of their time on the field with the Player Heatmap.

Read about Radar and Heat Maps

🍿 Game Film your team will watch

768 Average Moment Views per Match

People across the globe watch more than 3 million moments a month on Trace. We now know the attention span for full game footage is 1 minute and 36 seconds. You read that correctly. The average person who clicks on a full-game playlist spends 1 minute and 36 seconds watching full, raw game footage. However, we also know our players stay on Trace and spend 5.5x the time looking through personal moments and stats. Read more about how you can get your team to watch game film, because why should you spend money on game film no one will watch?

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Trace takes the work out of editing game film and delivers short, personalized video within hours of every game. Get a video overview about how the system works and how teams use it to improve performance and save memories: