How it Works

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an assistant to film your game, edit your footage, and track player performance? TRACE-BOT is here for you.

We know that time is your most valuable resource. Trace saves you time. Our goal is to build a tool for soccer coaches, players, and parents that provide unparalleled value without any extra work after you step off the field.

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Game Results

Trace films, edits, and shares personalized moments with your players. Our unique game film is proven to help players develop faster and increase their chances of being recruited.

This tour will navigate you through Trace Game Results.

"Amazing technology that saves us time. We don't have to edit video and create clips ourself. No one has time for that. The "almost immediate" feedback is priceless. The players and the parents love to watch and analyze. Coach is able to give feedback more accurately."

Parent, Idaho Rush 05 G


Every player on the team wears a Tracer

Players wear a GPS sensors (Tracer) that capture every sprint, movement, position, and max effort. At 0.4oz, it’s so light players don’t even feel it. Tracers slip into a special sleeve on the calf underneath the sock.


TraceCam films the game for you

Goodbye cameraman, hello TraceCam. Our 180° HD Camera shoots the entire pitch and then pans and zooms automatically based on the action.


TRACE-BOT auto-cuts the game into playlists

All the video and sensor data is collected by TRACE-BOT and analyzed in the cloud. TRACE-BOT then compiles playlists for each player, coach notes, and team touch chains. Once you step off the field, there’s no work for you to do. TRACE-BOT takes care of everything. No humans are involved in the editing process, TRACE-BOT can handle unlimited games for a single weekend!


Everybody gets an email update automatically

Managers and coaches are always telling us what a pain sending out links and sharing video is. Trace takes care of that for you. As soon as game video and performance metrics are calculated we send customized emails to each player and coach on the team.

How much time are you spending editing video?

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