Trace iD

After the final whistle, Trace delivers game day content to your Trace iD profile. Every play is auto-tagged to make it easy to watch, analyze, and train skills.

  • Endless possibilities
Coaches can create playlists to assign homework and view progress, and players can build playlists to share and showcase their skills!
  • Every player’s personal profile.
Create custom playlists

Create playlists featuring your best plays, tough moves you can improve on, or highlights you want to showcase. Pick your color. Set privacy. That’s it! (Unlimited playlists are only available in Trace iD+)

Share latest highlights

Share you Trace iD with friends, family, or recruiters. Your profile updates automatically with your latest games and highlights. (Downloading a playlist as a single one video is only available in Trace iD+)

Check player stats

Trace iD also shows performance stats including minutes played, distance ran, top speed, max efforts, and stamina. Players can check in after every game to see their progress and areas for improvement.

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