Watch: Trace iD Profiles for CoachesBy Adam Wood
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Watch: Trace iD Profiles for Coaches

Trace’s Director of Coaching Tim Bennett shares how Trace iD helps coaches provide specific and actionable feedback to players and teams. Watch and learn how soccer coach George Prepis is using Trace iD to accelerate development for players on his St. Thomas Aquinas College team.

Here are a few ways Tim has seen coaches use their Trace iD profiles to make video analysis more efficient and effective:

  • Create themed playlists to highlight particular team behaviors
  • Provide specific coaching notes with direct instruction for individual players
  • Edit and adjust moments with a spotlight, tags and customized titles
  • Share individual playlists, or your entire Trace iD profile
  • Build a season-long playlist for each player, to track their performance and development

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Start collecting and organizing your soccer moments. Tag a variety of your skills and give coaches and recruiters a way to understand you as a player.

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