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What’s New for February?

Coaching, Learning and Bragging are all now easier than ever thanks to the latest from Trace.

by Miguel Fernandez

Whether you’re a coach looking for more teachable moments, a player committed to learning from video or a parent jonesing to boast about your kid Trace’s latest release has you covered. Kick off the season leveraging our latest features and boost player development faster than ever before.

Timeline Highlights – Skim through key plays to accelerate analysis ⏩

With timeline highlights you can quickly skim through key plays and see player, play type and play length at first glance. This new feature accelerates post-game analysis and enables coaches to quickly identify more coachable moments and drive player development. Simply hover over the dots on the timeline to see the players involved and tactical tags. Timeline highlights are available on personal and tactical playlists to help you find the plays that matter the most.

Coaches – Turbocharge post-game analysis and bring video to your post-tournament sessions. Turn light, post-tournament practices into impactful video sessions with your team. Timeline Highlights allow you to gather round the weekend’s plays while they are still fresh in your players’ minds.

Players/Parents – Seeing what happened just before or after an interesting play is now as easy as clicking on the timeline.

Quick Save – Organize highlights in two clicks 2️⃣

Now that Timeline Highlights makes it so easy to find the gems in your game, you’ll want to save and share more plays than ever.

Trace iD playlists are valuable tools to celebrate great plays, share with college scouts and string together coachable moments, which is why we’ve invested to make it even easier for you to keep them up to date.

Add highlights to your playlists from virtually anywhere with as little as two clicks. The video player will stay open so you can keep watching the game as you build personalized playlists.

The process surfaces easy-to-find shortcuts allowing you to jump into the clip editor.

Trim your clips so they’re just right and add a spotlight so that the best part of the action is front and center.

When that perfect play is perfectly captured, sharing it with your team, coach or DOC is as easy as grabbing a link.

Coaches – Trace iD playlists are all you need to organize and add five minutes of video to each training session.

Players / Parents – Find and celebrate your moments again and again. Sharing clips for both recruiting or bragging right purposes are equally valid reasons to love Trace.

Enhanced Video Quality 🔎

With our latest technical update we’ve improved the crispness of TraceCam footage to deliver even sharper video to make your plays shine. Add multiple angles to the footage with Multicam and you’ll be sharing FIFA-level videos all season long.

Keep making the plays, keep building those playlists, we’ll keep reducing the clicks and fine-tuning every pixel so that your game shines.

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