D1 College Soccer: Expectations vs. RealityBy Charles LaCalle
Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

D1 College Soccer: Expectations vs. Reality

What does it take to play college soccer? What does a typical day look like for a student-athlete? In this workshop, a former D1 college coach and two student-athletes will discuss the pros and cons of playing college soccer.

This Trace workshop will cover…
– How to choose the right soccer college and NCAA division for lifestyle
– The unpredictability of the college soccer experience
– The rewards and benefits of playing for a college team
– The challenges and tradeoffs athletes have to make
– Recruiting timelines and how you should prepare for recruiting

This session will cover some of the hard truths of student-athlete life, as well as the tremendous life experiences you can gain from being part of a college team.

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"Amazing technology that saves us time. We don't have to edit video and create clips ourself. No one has time for that. The "almost immediate" feedback is priceless. The players and the parents love to watch and analyze. Coach is able to give feedback more accurately."

Parent, Idaho Rush 05 G