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How to Write the Perfect Trace iD Bio

Check out these tips to craft a perfect Trace iD bio and seal a scholarship to your dream school!

by Adam Wood

Writer, researcher and soccer coach. Devotee of The Beautiful Game. Lifelong learner and community-building advocate.

Trace iD bio

Getting recruited to play college soccer can be a major headache. You have to think about choosing the right college, contacting coaches consistently, making the perfect playlist to show off your skills… and that’s all without considering the actual work you’re putting in at school and on the field!

Trace is doing what we can to make the whole process easier and simpler. We can’t do all the work for you — you still have to reach out and make connections, of course —but our Trace iD platform makes it easier than ever to show college coaches the very best version of you. 

Just like you have a checklist for what you want out of your college soccer experience, college coaches are also making recruiting decisions based on lots of different factors. They aren’t just looking for the best soccer players, after all: they’re looking for the right players that will be the best fit for their teams.

That means that your Trace iD bio needs to show who you are on and off the soccer field: as a student, as a community member and as a person. Check out our tips below (plus an awesome Trace iD profile from Ariana Vakos!) to help craft the perfect bio and seal a scholarship to your dream school.

The Do List  

  • Start your bio off with an intro paragraph. This is your chance to make a strong first impression and let your personality shine. Let coaches know why you want to play college soccer, and what your academic and athletic goals are in college and beyond.
  • Include details about who you are as a player. The position(s) where you play, your playing style and strengths, and bullet points of your soccer achievements can give coaches valuable insight into your game. Make sure you mention your club and/or school teams, along with your jersey number. 
  • Add info about what makes you you. Trace’s moments and playlists will help coaches learn about you on the field, but only you can show them what you’re like after that whistle blows. Share your academic interests, career goals, hobbies, volunteering experience, athletic accomplishments — if it’s something you’re proud of or passionate about, this is your chance to show it off.
  • Include academic achievements. Coaches want to know that you’re reliable and hardworking — and that you’ll be eligible to play for their team! Include your SAT and ACT scores along with your GPA and graduation year so that coaches get the best picture of who you are as a student.
  • Include your upcoming soccer schedule. After learning about you as a person and seeing your skills as a player, coaches should be able to easily find the showcases, tournaments and iD camps where they can see you in action.
  • Include contact information. Coaches need to have a way to reach out to you when they’re interested! You can leave a phone number if you want, but expect to be contacted mostly by email. 

The Don’t List

  • Provide too much information. Coaches should know what city you live in. They don’t need to know what street, address or apartment number.
  • Let anyone else write the bio for you. This is a chance for you to reflect on who you are, and to put your best foot forward. Own that opportunity.
  • Use an unprofessional email account. There’s nothing wrong with having a fun or funny personal email or username — but it won’t help you get recruited. Make a new account if you need to, and keep it simple and easy by making it as close to your name as possible. Coaches should recognize you as you.
  • Write long paragraphs. Formatting is the key here: keep it short and sweet.

A Perfect Trace iD Bio

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