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Introducing Enhanced Video Capture, Player Vision, and TraceCam 2By David Lokshin
Father of Ethan. CEO & Founder of Trace Soccer.

Introducing Enhanced Video Capture, Player Vision, and TraceCam 2

June 24, 2021

Today we’re announcing three huge upgrades that make Trace even better: TRACE_BOT’s pro-quality Capture Engine, user-friendly TraceCam 2, and TRACE_BOT’s breakthrough Player Vision.

Capture Engine

Rebuilt from the ground up, TRACE_BOT’s Capture Engine will give your games smooth panning, sharper video, stable picture in windy conditions, and process even faster than before. Capture Engine is rolling out to all of our subscribers today.

TraceCam 2

We’re releasing a new, easy-to-use camera with live preview! TraceCam 2 (we call her Traci) shoots high-quality video, is easy to use, and has loads of status feedback. Oh, and it records for 8 hours on a single charge and can store 8 games in a weekend without uploading. TraceCam 2 is optimized for our new Capture Engine, which results in even better picture quality. Since the equipment is leased through a Trace subscription, you’ll be upgraded to TraceCam 2 for free within the next six months. 

Player Vision

TRACE_BOT has automatically delivered 7,000,000+ moments and learned a lot about soccer along the way. We’re now releasing an upgrade to TRACE_BOT we call Player Vision. Player Vision enables TRACE_BOT to identify moments from your games without the need for sensors. What does this mean for you? Today, you’ll see more accurate and position-specific moments in your playlist, and in the future, a sensorless Trace experience. Player Vision is rolling out to all of our subscribers today.

So … what’s next on the roadmap?

Our vision: go from a memory to a moment in 15 seconds or less. Currently, Trace is the only system that automatically sends you moments from a game. And we do it fast- you can review your moments before the next practice (not quite 15 seconds yet). It’s why your team’s engagement is so high, with hundreds to thousands of views per game. Everything we build from here on out will continue to focus on making automatic personalization even better and faster.

Player Vision → Personalization: Personalization can mean more than just new moments. Player Vision will also affect what can be done with a moment. Here’s an experiment that’s not quite ready for release called Super Follow:

Trace iD, oh my!: Highlight reels are outdated by the time you finish editing them. Trace iD is effortless to build and updates automatically as you play more games, and makes it easy for someone watching your moments to dive deeper into you as a player. The growth of Trace iD has been mind boggling. Families use Trace iD to help their players get recruited and stay connected with relatives. We’ve also seen coaches use Trace iD as a tool for soccer homework. In the coming year, we’ll be adding loads to Trace iD, like collections, moment suggestions, and lots of secret goodies.

Multi-camera network: What the heck is a camera network? IT’S.A.BIG.DEAL. and we can’t wait to show you.

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