NB Ajax Partners with Trace to Automatically Record and Deliver Game Video

New Braunfels, TX (April 29, 2022) – NB Ajax announced a partnership with Trace to provide game film to all players.

by Charles LaCalle

Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

New Braunfels, TX (April 29, 2022) – NB Ajax announced a partnership with Trace, an AI powered system designed for recording, analyzing, and sharing soccer game video. Teams will have access to all the benefits of Trace’s game film system, including personalized video moments for every player on the team, shareable college recruiting profiles with Trace iD, player performance metrics, and more.

“We are very excited to begin our new partnership with Trace. Trace allows us to take the next step in assisting the Ajax players to collect the necessary footage, analysis, and data to pursue their goals. This will aide our athletes in playing college soccer, going pro, or even just collecting a lifetime’s worth of memories of their soccer careers!” 

Jen Raley Business Manager, NB Ajax

Trace is the only soccer camera the automatically films games and uses AI to edit the footage, removing all the work and giving coaches and players useful video that they want to watch. Features like tactical team playlists, radar view, and heat maps enable coaches to be more effective and engage in more individualized coaching.

For NB Ajax, technical expertise is at the heart of every training session, and Trace gives coaches a set of tools to engage in personalized player development and help athletes reach their full potential.

Through the educational Trace Academy articles and custom Trace workshops and webinars, Trace also provides players, parents and coaches with the resources needed to understand the product and maximize Trace’s impact.

This new partnership with Trace promises to elevate the NB Ajax commitment to player development through the power of video analysis. Trace enables players take charge of their own development by giving them the tools they need to explore, analyze and appreciate their game.

NB Ajax teams also get access to Trace iD, Trace’s easy-to-use and customizable platform for recruiting and development. For players interested in playing at the collegiate level, Trace iD gives players the power to save, share, and spotlight their best moments. Simply select your highlights, add them to your Trace iD, and seamlessly share the playlist link with college coaches across the country. 

NB Ajax joins hundreds of other clubs and organizations that have partnered with Trace to provide their players with the best resources for development, technical expertise, and college recruitment.

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About Trace:
Trace is a sports technology company changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace’s revolutionary all-in-one platform uses AI technology, GPS sensors, and powerful software to automatically capture and organize match footage, generate tactical playlists, and deliver personalized moments to each player. An elite resource for player development and college recruitment, Trace is the most affordable and effective way to have your own film crew, editing team, and video analysis staff at your fingertips. 

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About NB Ajax

NB Ajax’s mission is to instill in players a life-long love of the game of soccer. They do this promoting the highest degree of individual technical expertise for each player and teaching each player to harness their talent to make their team successful. They deliver the highest level of technical proficiency to our players at every age group. When a player masters the ball, & trusts what he/she can do with it, players begin to love the game. At AJAX, they believe winning comes as the natural result of proper development & that winning alone, does not foster enjoyment of the game. AJAX passionately believes that winning the “right way” is with expansive, skillful, dynamic soccer.

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