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Why You Don’t Need Video Editing Apps to Create Soccer Highlight Videos

Want to create the best soccer highlight videos? You don’t need video editing apps, just an AI-powered sports camera.
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by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

Do I need to be using video editing apps to create the best soccer highlight video?

If you’ve made a sports highlight reel before, you know it’s a pain to sort, trim, and compile clips into a valuable piece of content. While video editing apps are commonly used to add filters, effects, and other cool features to highlight videos, those are not really things you want to throw on top of your sports highlights. What you need isn’t filters, it’s technology that automates the process of recording your games, finding your best plays, and creating highlights for you to share with friends, family or sports scouts and recruiters.

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What makes for a good soccer highlight video?

  1. Short and concise. The best videos are 3 to 5 minutes long and include the best plays at the beginning to catch the attention of viewers, particularly when those viewers happen to be coaches and recruiters.
  2. Capture high-quality footage. Coaches and family members don’t want to see blurry footage. An AI camera system like Trace doesn’t just record the whole pitch but also gives you the ability to simultaneously record high quality footage with your phone for highlight videos that feature all of your best angles – just like the pros.
  3. Be sure to stand out.The soccer field can get cluttered, and it can be challenging to identify a specific player on the field. Great sports highlight videos do a good job at showing you off without missing the context of the game, and show your best plays clearly.
  4. Prioritize your position. Your video should highlight the best work in your position. Focus on a few key characteristics that make up your role on the field and zone. For example, a forward should include goals, assists, movement in and around the box, and runs in behind rather than missed opportunities or defensive plays.

Trace automatically records the game and creates highlights for every player

All your best angles

Trace automatically records the entire game from the halfway line and our MultiCam feature allows parents and spectators to simultaneously record more angles from the sidelines. We use AI software to stitch all your footage together for an ESPN-level viewing experience. Once you receive your highlights, you can choose all your best angles and easily add them to make one compelling video.

Automatic highlights

After the final whistle, Trace delivers automatically tagged and sorted highlights so you can easily find the moments you’re looking for – no sports video editing apps required. And because Trace delivers both highlights and full games footage, you’ll always be able to see what led up to the big play – context is everything.

Shareable content

Trace makes it easy to share your best plays. With Trace iD, you can quickly review, organize, and link-share with the click of a button. This profile allows for constant updates and the ability to add new highlights after each game. Players can also create custom playlists and even upload videos of workouts, training sessions and more to show a more well-rounded version of themselves.

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How to use sports highlights videos

Highlight videos are a great way to document a player’s soccer journey. Players can use them to train better by watching videos of themselves and their moves over and over again. Players can also share their highlights with family and friends who are invested in their soccer career. Of course, highlights are the most important way to get noticed by college coaches. They give coaches – since many of them are not able to attend every tournament and showcase – a chance to see your skills in action from up close, and to easily get a sense of your playing style.

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