Why you Should Be Using Trace to Record Soccer Games

Learn why Trace's AI camera system is the easiest way to record your soccer games and edit your highlights afterwards.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

In the past, recording soccer games has been a time-consuming, tedious, and cumbersome process. Youth soccer coaches and parents typically rely on personal cameras or mobile devices to record game footage for later review. This process results in hours of time spent watching and editing raw footage to find the few minutes they were looking for. Or worse, games go unrecorded, and everyone involved too often relies on emotional or subjective memory rather than what truly happens on the field.

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Trace is beginning to change this. Our system uses powerful AI to track every play and athlete on the field, meaning each team member gets the attention they need at no additional hassle to the coach or their parents. Once the game is recorded, each player is sent personalized footage they’re then able to review, organize, and share with any coaches, friends, or family members.

Each player will also have access to Trace iD, which is a player profile where they can add their best moments with the click of a button. Not only does this save you hours you could be spending editing raw footage, but it also saves you hundreds of dollars you’d otherwise be spending on one-time highlight videos. Here’s why you need Trace to record soccer games.

Easy setup

You don’t need to be a tech expert to set up Trace. All you need is the equipment provided and your cellular device!


Once the system is set up, it will automatically begin recording. This means you can put your entire focus on watching the game, safe in the knowledge that the critical moments on the field are captured.

Setting up TraceCam to record soccer games


After the game, the AI software edits and breaks down the game into highlights for each team member. In addition, the entire team will receive team and tactical playlists which cover goals, progressions, defensive breakdowns, and several other key moments within a game.

Quick Turnaround Time

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on your game film. On average, games are uploaded and sent back to each team member by the next day.

Performance Metrics

Trace goes beyond just recording soccer games. It also provides valuable insights that can help you improve your team’s performance, such as metrics for each player on the field. Here are the statistics Trace offers and how to improve using these metrics.


You’ll never be left behind with old equipment or software with Trace. Since technology is constantly changing, take advantage of a system that updates automatically to ensure you always have the latest and greatest.

Game film is versatile, and there are many ways to use, review, and analyze it. That being said, you may still be wondering how to effectively use game film with your team or player. Here are a few tips for coaches or parents looking to increase video engagement for development or recruiting.

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How to use game film effectively with your team:

  1. Set up weekly one on one’s to give players proper feedback on their individual performance.
  2. Assign homework to help players identify strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Plan practice sessions that focus on specific areas of improvement found in the film.
  4. Track player performance and data to reach peak performance and mitigate injuries.
  5. Encourage players to sort their highlights in Trace iD and frequently share them with coaches and family members.


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