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Top Soccer Goalie Drills for Diving & Agility

Goalkeepers have to be explosive. Train your reflexes with these soccer goalie drills from Football DNA.

by Adam Wood

Writer, researcher and soccer coach. Devotee of The Beautiful Game. Lifelong learner and community-building advocate.

Trace has partnered with Football DNA to to nurture and accelerate player and coach development.

It takes a special type of bravery to pull on those padded gloves and step up to be a goalkeeper for your team.

You have to be fearless, aggressive and explosive. Every action is urgent. Goals can come from anywhere, at any time, so you have to be ready for everything. You have to expect the unexpected, and keep a laser focus on the task at hand. 

That’s a lot to think about during a game. That’s why effective soccer goalie drills are so important: in the heat of the moment, goalkeepers don’t have time to think. They have to act.

Thankfully, there are tons of resources out there to help build those reflexes. Some of the very best come from our friends at Football DNA, a soccer development platform creating exceptional educational soccer content to help players and coaches develop and improve.

Football DNA

And thanks to an exciting new partnership between Trace and Football DNA, we have a ton of awesome soccer goalie drills to help you sharpen your reactions and be the best goalkeeper you can be. Enjoy a sample below, then head on over to www.footballdna.co.uk to explore so much more. 

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Soccer Goalie Drills for Diving

As a non-goalkeeper, I truly can’t tell you how many different ways there are to dive for a ball. I just know I’m impressed by all of them, and scared to try any of them.

This basic walkthrough from a professional goalkeeping coach includes tons of pointers to help young players dive safely and effectively, no matter the situation.

And this video shows a series of advanced soccer goalie drills to help players build coordination, agility and power.

Soccer Goalie Drills for Reactions & Agility

Goalkeepers need to have the quickest reactions in the game. This soccer goalie drill from former professional goalkeeper (and Football DNA coach) Jimmy Walker is designed to help players react quickly to the unexpected. Check out the full article for some valuable coaching points as well.

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Soccer Goalie Drills for Footwork

the team! That’s because footwork is what defines the best goalkeepers: every fingertip save you’ve ever seen comes from hard work training for fast footwork.

This video from UEFA A Goalkeeping Coach Darren Smith contains several drills to teach players the footwork and movement needed for different types of saves. Coaching tips at Football DNA.

This drill simulates a goalkeeper “dropping off” into their goal to give themselves more time to make a save. More pointers at Football DNA.

And this drill helps goalkeepers get their feet right to claim high balls looping into their box.

And here’s a couple bonus videos for good measure:

Soccer Goalie Drills for 1v1 

Q&A with Goalkeeping Coach Jimmy Walker

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