Trace Makes Post-Game Video Analysis Much Faster

New feature focused on player development gives coaches game, player, and play context for faster & more impactful analysis.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

This week at the United Soccer Coaches Convention, Trace, the only AI-powered soccer camera in the market that automatically records and delivers individual player highlights , announced “Timeline Highlights.” The latest feature allows coaches to analyze and review much faster the performance and impact on the game of each player.

In a recent survey of youth soccer club directors across the nation, Trace uncovered that clubs’ top priority for 2023 was to support player development, with 61% of clubs planning to expand the use of video for this purpose.

The new timeline highlights feature greatly enhances the way coaches analyze game film and assess each player’s involvement. Coaches can now rewatch the game, quickly jump to a key play and immediately know:

  • Which player(s) were involved
  • Type of play (e.g. goal, touch chain)
  • Length of the play
  • What happened before and after that enabled the play

Last year, Trace announced that users on its platform had watched 10 million highlights in one month – a 10x increase from the previous year. “Our 10M milestone validated what we believe in and the choices we’ve made since our inception. We were right to put the focus on you,” said David Lokshin, Trace co-founder and CEO.

Today, Trace continues to be the only soccer camera in the market that knows the individual players involved in making a play happen and can identify the specific plays to save coaches time when assessing the impact of each player.

With Trace coaches can also create playlists to assign homework and view progress, and players can build playlists to share and showcase their skills.

This year, Trace is focused on bringing its player development technology to even more teams and clubs across the nation with a focus on helping players at every age level improve and connect players to more opportunities at the competitive level.

Teams and clubs across the nation are partnering with Trace to give their coaches access to unique features including:

  • Recording: Trace’s AI-powered camera captures the game and automatically edits each player’s highlights – now with even more angles.
  • Highlights: Automatically delivered to every team member’s inbox. Every play is auto-tagged to make it easy to watch, analyze, and train skills.
  • Angles: Allows you to place your phone along the sidelines to capture even more angles for epic player highlights and better post-game analysis.
  • Analytics: Minutes played, distance ran, top speed, max efforts, and stamina to help players understand their abilities and room for improvement.
  • Playlists: Coaches can create playlists to assign homework and view progress, and players can build playlists to share and showcase their skills.
  • Sharing: Coaches, players, and parents can easily share game video, player highlights, and playlists with family and college coaches across the nation.

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