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Trace PlayerFocus vs. Veo For Recording Soccer Games

Trace offers more personalization, more features, and the most affordable option for families to get started with soccer video.

by Trace Team

A team on a mission to change the way we capture and relive the most important memories of our life.

Trace is more than a soccer camera. It’s your player’s highlights.

Unlike other cameras on the market, Trace PlayerFocus is the only solution that instantly identifies, follows, and spotlights your player. Within a few hours of the final whistle Trace automatically edits your child’s highlights and serves them up in convenient player playlists that are ready for your enjoyment. Trace isn’t just the best Veo camera alternative, it’s the best way to watch, download and share the only highlights you care about: your player’s. You won’t find a more affordable and convenient way for anyone to get started with soccer video.

Trace vs. Veo Benefits

The most affordable way to record your child’s soccer games.

Trace overcomes the cost and fundraising obstacles that frequently keep the average soccer family from getting started with video. Trace’s new PlayerFocus plans enable families to get a smart camera for $495/year and subscribe to their player’s highlights for $180/year – that’s just $675/year to get started.

If others want to join, Trace’s flexible pricing model allows each family to pick and choose the plan that best fits their needs, whenever they want, for as little as $180/year per player. No fundraising, Venmo chasing or Team Snapping required – Trace PlayerFocus saves you the time-consuming logistics, and lets you enjoy your player’s highlights ASAP.

Starting at $2,500, Veo makes it hard for families to adopt video without getting an entire team on board first. Convincing fifteen families to split costs can be difficult and time-consuming. This one-size-fits-all approach tends to delay when players can reap the benefits of video for soccer.

Everything is included with Trace

Trace’s all-inclusive equipment subscription includes all of the equipment you need: soccer camera, carrying case, tripod, and sandbags. Your child’s soccer journey is way too short to worry about being nickel and dimed on accessories.

Trace equipment

Veo charges extra for small things like carrying cases and tripods.

Trace is easier to set up and manage

Once you are ready to film your first game, Trace’s Universal Roster feature saves you hours of data entry, roster management, and headaches. Trace identifies each player on your team and conveniently displays the roster for you. No setup, no data entry. Parents can just scroll through the roster to find their player by jersey number, add their contact info, subscribe, and dig in.

Veo requires parents to upload rosters before getting started. The manual nature of roster management with Veo taxes the parent responsible for the Veo camera with hours of contact gathering and data entry, followed by endless messages fielding questions about how it all works.

Enhanced Viewing Experience

Trace is always innovating and delivering new ways for you to enjoy your player’s soccer footage. Watching your player on Trace is an intense, addictive experience. Features like Always-On Spotlights, which helps parents quickly spot their child, and Front and Center Mode which automatically magnifies your player, delivering a state-of-the-art viewing experience.

Veo provides a standard viewing experience. You can watch the game from the distant, middle-of-the-field POV which has become standard in youth sports video.

Trace vs. Veo Features


Trace PlayerFocus automatically edits your child’s highlights and serves them up in convenient player playlists that are ready for your enjoyment within hours of the game. Trace instantly spotlights and tags your player in each highlight, making it the fastest way to watch and rewatch your soccer player’s awesomeness and effortless for coaches to provide feedback.

Veo does not automatically deliver personalized moments or playlists. While it automatically identifies key plays Veo cannot tell who is who on the field. Users must manually edit the film on their own time. Veo’s generic highlights and tagging forces parents to spend hours scanning footage and even more editing clips to organize into playlists.

Recruiting or Player Profile

Trace PlayerFocus automatically creates your player’s channel or Trace iD and populates it with their game day content. No uploading, no tagging – Trace iD hosts the latest and greatest in a unique URL so players can send to college coaches delivering more opportunities to get noticed. When it comes to college recruiting season, advanced features like uploading external video, creating custom playlists and downloadable content make Trace iD a blue-chip prospect’s best friend.

Veo’s recently-released Player Profile feature doesn’t automatically populate with footage. Playlist creation is supported but laborious and customization is limited as Veo mandates that Player Profile Playlists be tied to existing “abilities.” Veo Player Profiles do not allow downloading of profile content. These limitations force many Veo customers to use time-consuming tools like iMovie or hire editors to cobble together recruiting highlight reels and then upload them to platforms like YouTube.


Trace PlayerFocused Highlights are always relevant and focused on your player which translates to more views, sharing, and binging than any other soccer video solution. Our personalized highlights drive more than 1,100 highlight views per game!

Veo games are viewed less than 5 times per game.


Trace automatically tags goals, progressions, and touch chains. Trace automatically tags every play and adds tags for where it happened (box, offensive third, middle third, and defensive third) and when (Half 1, Half 2) so you can easily analyze every game!

Veo users must manually add tags for things like attack, corner, defense, and anything a player might want to focus on. Players can create unlimited tags to sort their game highlights. Goals are flagged on the timeline.

Video Quality

Trace shoots in 1080p and is powered by Trace’s pro-quality computational capture engine for smooth panning, sharp resolution, and stability even in windy conditions. Currently, 1080p is the standard for recording sports due to considerations around energy efficiency, battery life, and file size/bandwidth requirements.

Veo records in 1080p in a panoramic shot.

Customer Support

Trace support staff are located in the United States and respond to email inquiries in under an hour, on average. On-the-field phone support is available.

Veo operates primarily out of Europe, and their support staff can be very slow to respond if you’re based in the U.S.A.


Trace will ship your camera within 5 days of placing your order meaning you can start recording games within a week. Our US-based warehouse keeps shipping times quick so that you can record ASAP.

Veo wait times differ from customer to customer, limited operations in the US translate to longer waits for deliveries, many customers are now waiting months to receive the camera they ordered.

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