Trace vs. Veo For Recording Soccer Games

Trace offers more personalization, more features, and a more easy and seamless experience.

by Charles LaCalle

Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

Trace is more than a soccer camera.

Unlike other cameras on the market, Trace uses advanced technology to track players on the field and to deliver effortless, personalized, and actionable highlights, rather than raw game footage.

Within a few hours of the final whistle, these soccer highlights are sent to each player’s Trace account where parents and players can watch, download, and share. Goals, progressions, touch chains… each play is auto-tagged so players can use video to train skills.

 Auto-Recording Camera & Angles

Trace records games automatically so you can set it and forget. The MultiCam feature allows anyone to place their phone along the sidelines, and AI technology stitches Trace camera footage with phone video to create epic soccer highlights.

Veo shoots from the entire pitch but does not enables users to capture additional angles from the sidelines.

Video Editing

Trace uses GPS sensors to track each player on the field and edit their unique soccer highlights after the game.

Veo cannot tell who is who on the field. Users must manually edit the film on their own time.

Upload Process

Trace can record up to 8 games at events and processes video within 4-6 hours of the final whistle.

Veo takes longer to process games due to larger file size and time to upload varies drastically among Veo users who have posted online on the topic.


Trace users spend 1 minute and 36 seconds watching full, raw game footage but spend 5.5x that time watching their own highlights – that’s 1,100 highlights views per game!

Veo users view full game footage less than 5 times per game.


Trace delivers full game recordings and highlights within 4-6 hours of the game. All video is sorted into personalized playlists in each player’s Trace account.

Veo does not automatically deliver personalized moments or playlists.


Trace automatically tags goals, progressions, touch chains. Trace automatically tags every play and adds tags for where it happened (box, offensive third, middle third, and defensive third) and when (Half 1, Half 2) so you can easily analyze every game!

Veo users must manually add tags for things like attack, corner, defense, and anything a player might want to focus on. Players can create unlimited tags to sort their game highlights. Goals are flagged on the timeline.

Video Quality

Trace shoots in 1080p and is powered by Trace’s pro-quality computational capture engine for smooth panning, sharp resolution, and stability even in windy conditions.

Veo records in 1080p in a panoramic shot. The frame rate is good, and you can manually zoom in later when analyzing the video. But the larger files mean that the video takes a very long time to upload.

Performance Metrics

Trace offers a real-time view of all players on the field and a heatmap of where they spend most of their time to allow coaches to manage the shape of the game. Performance metrics also include minutes played, distance ran, top speed, max efforts, and stamina.

Veo offers an additional subscription for analytics which includes heatmaps, player maps, and several team statistics. They do not offer individual performance metrics.

Recruiting or Player Profile

Trace highlights and metrics are integrated with Trace iD and National and Tournament Leaderboards, giving you more opportunities to get noticed. Every player gets highlights from every game delivered directly to their Trace iD profile, which has a unique URL so players can send to college coaches.

Veo does not offer features around college recruiting. For every match, players need to download video, upload it to a hosting platform, and use tools like iMovie to edit highlights for college coaches. This is time-consuming or impossible without editing software skills. Players tend to share their Veo footage with recruiters via YouTube or HUDL.

Customer Support

Trace support staff are located in the United States and respond to email inquiries in under an hour, on average. On-the-field phone support is available.

Veo operates primarily out of Europe, and their support staff can be very slow to respond if you’re based in the U.S.A.


Trace will ship your camera within 5 days of placing your order, meaning you can start recording games within a week.

Veo wait times differ from customer to customer, but many customers are now waiting months to receive the camera they ordered.

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