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Yellowstone Premier League and Trace Enter Strategic League PartnershipBy Reann Dvorscek
Reann works with Trace to educate clubs and partners on utilizing video to generate club awareness and increase player engagement.

Yellowstone Premier League and Trace Enter Strategic League Partnership

Yellowstone Premier League + Trace Enter Exclusive Partnership Providing Unique Video Services and Discounted Pricing For Its Member Clubs

CODY, WY  + AUSTIN, TX (June 16, 2021) – Yellowstone Premier League (YPL) and Trace Soccer are excited to announce an exclusive league partnership for the upcoming 2021-2022 season. Trace will be the Official Video Services Partner of the YPL, providing member clubs with the ability to capture game results and deliver automated, individual player moments that are ready to share with family, friends and college coaches. YPL teams will also have full access to Trace iD and custom Trace Workshops on continuing education for players and coaches.

“The Trace game film system will now provide all YPL teams with access to learn, coach, educate, and promote technology in the game that will not only continue to improve their clubs but the whole soccer community.”

Mayowa Owolabi, President, YPL

“Being able to work with an industry leader like Trace is exciting for our organization! Now we can offer the ability to enhance player development, provide new experiences, and track growth to all of our Member Clubs by creating this unique partnership,” says Mayowa Owolabi, President of YPL.

“This partnership will provide access to top of the line products, and groundbreaking analytical technology that will allow coaches, players, and parents to receive a better understanding of each individual player’s progressions and the team as a whole as well. The Trace game film system will now provide all YPL teams with access to learn, coach, educate, and promote technology in the game that will not only continue to improve their clubs but the whole soccer community. With this access, we, the YPL hope to see Trace cameras covering all fields during our league match days and clubs working with players off the field to grow the game as well!”

Trace allows teams to combine automated filming, personalized moments, player performance data, and recruiting all in one platform that is seamless to navigate and easy to share. Trace does not require any additional editing, allowing clubs to offer immediate video content for their players to send to college coaches and maximize their exposure for recruiting purposes.

If you’re a YPL team and want more information about Trace, sign up here for our informational Summer Workshop: How YPL Teams Can Make the Most of Soccer Game Video

“We’re excited to be partnering with The Yellowstone Premier League, an organization dedicated to the development of their youth soccer players, and to provide their member clubs with unique content opportunities by creating moments for every player automatically.” 

David Lokshin, the CEO and Founder of Trace

Trace is now the Official Video Services Provider of The Yellowstone Premier League. All YPL member clubs will have access to exclusive packages and pricing. YPL members can find more information on all their Trace benefits at www.traceup.com/yellowstone-premier-league.

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About Trace:
Trace is a sports technology company that is changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace uses a robot camera, GPS sensors, and powerful software to film the game and create moments for every player automatically. With Trace, coaching, player development, and recruiting are seamless. 


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Maggy Mahalick | Head of Strategic Partnerships

About Yellowstone Premier League
Yellowstone Premier League (YPL) is an organization created to provide sporting activities and opportunities for young people, regardless of race, religion, or economic status, in urban communities. Yellowstone Premier League will design and implement youth soccer programs with academic and social standards that will develop young people into well-rounded members of our community.  

Mission: The mission of the Yellowstone Premier League is to provide a constant learning environment that develops soccer players from ages 5 – 20+ to their fullest athletic, educational, and social potential regardless of gender, physical abilities, or background. This will be accomplished by providing holistic instruction and competitive opportunities that enhance character, sense of team, community, and passion for the game of soccer.

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Mayowa Owolabi | President of YPL

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