Orlando City Lake Nona and Trace Join Forces to Bring Automatic Player Highlights to Players

The club will benefit from a comperehensive video solution that streamlines progress tracking and accelerates player growth.

by Charles LaCalle

Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

AUSTIN, TX (August 1, 2023) Orland City Lake Nona and Trace have teamed up to provide 57 teams with 965 players a fully automatic video solution. This collaboration enables every parent, player, and coach with automatic highlights after each game.

By leveraging Trace’s cutting-edge technology, all members of the club will now be able to effortlessly monitor progress, enhance player development, share playlists with college soccer coaches, and relive special memories on the field like ever before.

Trace’s groundbreaking technology, including its newest release PlayerFocus, is revolutionizing player and coaching performance with the integration of video, while allowing parents a simple way to capture their children’s best memories. This advanced video solution automatically captures, edits, and organizes individual player highlights, eliminating the need for conventional video recording and editing techniques.

Here’s a list of everything Trace will provide for the club:

“We chose Trace for our club after reviewing many options and listening to our players and parents. It was unanimous that the ease of use, quality of video and terrific customer service from Trace was above other options available.”

Rob Morton, Director of Operations at Orlando City Soccer – Lake Nona

Orlando City Soccer School is an affiliate of Orlando City Soccer Club. The club works with players through their entire development process.

Coaches and leaders at the club believe in the power of bringing the latest tools and technology to aid in player development. Cutting-edge training tools like Trace, which enables 1-on-1 coaching and personalized feedback, give players the chance to reach their full potential.

Partnering with Trace only solidifies this belief and will now allow every player, parent, and coach at the club to continue further down this path of success with the help of video.

The club joins 200+ clubs in partnering with Trace to provide their players with the best resources for development and college recruitment.

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About Trace:

Trace is an AI video highlights company focused on capturing life’s most important memories.

Trace PlayerFocus seamlessly identifies, follows and spotlights each player during the game and automatically delivers a playlist of highlights with your player – front and center. Highlights are sent directly to your inbox so that you can enjoy an enhanced viewing experience focused on your son or daughter.

Every week, thousands of games are traced and over one million highlights are captured on Trace for players, coaches and parents to rewatch their plays, use video to develop their skills, and share playlists with friends, family, coaches, and recruiters.

About Orlando City Lake Nona

Orlando City Lake Nona is a youth soccer club based in Lake Nona that teaches soccer to players from the ages 18 months through 19 years old. Boys and girls progress through a player development pathway that emphasizes progressive programing and age appropriate training designed to help each player reach their full potential.

Learn more about the club here.

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