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6 Things to Consider When Filming Soccer Games with your Phone

Filming soccer games with your phone should allow you to find every angle each game. With the help of Trace, now you can.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

Can you shoot great sports video from the sidelines? Yes. And you’re probably already using your phone to record soccer games. However, the best sports cameras make sure you’re getting the best view of the field and only Trace, thanks to our unique MultiCam feature, captures even more angles so that you never miss the game while you were using your phone to record from the sidelines.

Here are a six thing to consider when using your phone to film soccer games:

1. Get a soccer camera that captures the game from high vantage point

First and foremost, remember that, the ideal height to record soccer games is roughly 16 feet in the air. This gives you the best view of the entire field and keeps your player in the frame at all times. When rewatching the game, you’ll want context, and with a higher vantage point, see movement around the ball and get a chance to do better post-game analysis.

Getting a soccer camera that is filming the game from that vantage point is a must, whether or not you’re planning to shoot some sideline action with your phone. Of course, we’re biased.

filming soccer games
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2. Bring a tripod for your phone so you can watch the game and stay in the moment

Life is busy, especially for parents. When you can make your child’s game, there’s nothing worse than fumbling around with your phone and other equipment. On the flip side, there’s nothing better than being in the moment and watching them play from the sideline.

If you can make the game, bring a tripod for your phone and place it at a strategic point on the sideline so you’re not spending time following along through your phone screen. If you’re using Trace, our MultiCam feature effortlessly stitches your phone video with TraceCam footage so you can focus on the game.

3. Close up shots are better from specific points on the sidelines

To get the BEST angles of your favorite player, we recommend setting up your phone at specific points on the sidelines (see image). If your player has aspirations to play soccer in college, you’ll want highlights that feature more angles from more vantage points to impress college coaches and scouts. Trace’s MultiCam stitches your best close-up shots with TraceCam footage to create ESPN-level highlights.

filming soccer games from better angles

4. Consider the time you’ll spend editing phone footage

Anyone who has ever recorded video on their phone knows that editing any footage can be a real pain, let alone an entire soccer game. You have to download a separate app, transfer the files over, and then hope that the quality is good enough to use. This process is clunky, time-consuming, and often results in low-quality video edits that are unusable for sharing. We do all of the editing for you.

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5. Make sure your phone has enough storage space

Using your phone to record or take pictures seems like an obvious solution to capturing memories on the field, but this requires lots of storage. According to Lifewire, you will need 3.6GB of space to record a single hour of video. And with soccer games being 60 minutes at the least, you could reach up to 5GB per game without any of the edits necessary for highlights.

space needed to film soccer games on your phone

6. Remember to charge your phone all the way

If you’re someone who likes to record soccer games on your phone, you may have noticed that your battery drains extremely quickly. Recording an entire game can take up a lot of space on your phone, and leaving your camera on for long periods quickly drains your battery. The last thing you want is to have your phone die in the middle of the game and miss out on the film you’d planned to capture. If you’re filming with Trace, we capture up to three 90-minute games so if your phone dies mid-game, no footage is lost.

Trace is more than a soccer camera.

Trace is the only soccer camera that records your player’s games and creates highlights just for them. Wearable sensors track them on the field, while our AI camera finds their best angles. After every game, each player’s highlights are delivered to their personal Trace iD profile. Best of all, it’s video they’ll love to watch, train with, and share over and over again.

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