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How Trace saves time for coaches and enables individualized feedback

Nashville United Coach Graeme Boyle explains how Trace speeds things along for their club and gives them an advantage.
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by Charles LaCalle

Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

Graeme Boyle, coach and director with Nashville United Soccer Academy, was searching for an easy, hassle-free way to record games and get that video to his players. The problem with most camera systems he evaluated was that they only offered part of the solution.

“When we came across Trace, everything was in one place,” states Boyle. The team sets up the camera and takes down the camera, but every other part of the process is completed by the Trace system. Trace automatically records the game, edits the game into short moments, and delivers each moment to the player featured in the video.

This editing would be impossible for the coach to do on his own. “There’s so much time that goes into video after the game. A lot of things get missed and you don’t always spot everything for every player when editing yourself,” states Graeme, about editing game film on his own before Trace.

As a club director, Graeme stresses the time-saving benefits of Trace for him and coaches at his soccer club. With Trace, he receives a personalized playlist for every player, along with performance metrics, just hours after the game.

With these results, team video sessions and individual player review sessions have become a staple for the team. “When we host our team meetings, it takes less time to plan for them because everything is already there,” states Graeme. “Trace is really easy to navigate. Within a couple of clicks of a button, we can see defensive plays. It takes less time to plan.”

How Players Benefit from Game Film with Trace

Nashville United uses Trace to benefit the players and help them learn faster than their competition, so it was extremely important for the coaches at the club to see players using and liking the camera system.

“They want to look at themselves and see exactly what they’ve done on the field,” states Graeme. This may seem obvious, but with most camera systems, players receive raw game film and have to spend hours searching to find their own best moments. Trace tags players in every moment automatically.

Trace delivers engaging video, and engaging video means players actually watch and learn lessons. “Not only do they learn from their coach, but they equally learn from themselves and their teammates,” points out Graeme. With the ability to access each team member’s moments, internal competition develops, and players can quickly learn from one another. 

Coaches, players, and parents can now review every moment from their mobile devices or their computers. With the ability to use one solution on one easy-to-use platform, teams can move fast and focus on improving.

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