Case Study

Celtic Soccer Club

Coach Tobias and Jeremiah of Celtic St. Patrick share how implementing Trace has saved them time on the entire video process.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

Coach Tobias Lopez with Celtics St. Patrick B08 out of Southern California was looking for a solution to record his team’s soccer games without the headaches of implementing a complicated system.

After weighing options, Coach Lopez chose to implement Trace so that he could focus on working with his athletes and let the camera and AI-powered platform do all the work of capturing and editing the game film. Trace automatically records the full game for the team, but the system also breaks down the game so players can review every one of their own video moments and easily navigate to goals, defensive breakdowns, progressions, and other tactical playlists.

The time saved on editing and the quick and easy way users can find moments means that soccer players are able to spend more time watching the moments, learning from their moments, and getting back on the field to practice their moments.

The main reason we chose Trace was to save time.”
– Coach Tobias Lopez, Celtics St. Patrick B08

“Before Trace,” states Tobias, “we used to buy raw footage and we would never really do anything with it.” With 18 players on his roster, he realized the daunting amount of time it would take to find each players’s best and worst moments for teaching. Trace does that automatically, after every single game.

Trace automates the entire process for all teams from start to finish.

Jeremiah Marquez, another coach with the team, explains how Trace breaks everything down so that coaches can easily find examples when instructing players. This allows both coaches to be more effective, to engage in more one-on-one feedback sessions, and to hold players accountable.

“Trace helps us determine whether they’re in the right spot or not, as well as if the players are implementing what we’re trying to coach them.” – COACH Jeremiah Marquez

The coaches both also noticed a much higher engagement with their players and the game film when using Trace compared to using other soccer cameras. The data backs this up. Players, coaches, and families spend 5.5x the time looking through personalized moments and stats compared, in comparison to the time spent when coaches send a full-game video. These moments and video highlights are hugely valuable for teaching the fundamentals of soccer, but, more than that, the Trace video is a sort of keepsake from every soccer season.

“Trace allows the players to create and save their moments for lifetime memories that will carry on,” states Coach Lopez.

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